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Part 7

The weekend was NOT kind to Sarah's figure. Saturday was like one massive comfort food binge! Ice cream, cheesecake, Twinkies, chocolate bars, you name it, she ate it. She didn't exactly atone for all this on Sunday either, laying around on the couch in sweatpants and T-shirts and ordering pizza.

Now that Monday came around, she felt like she weighed 450 pounds and everyone knew. Even though she dressed down, in sweatpants, like the fat ass she felt like, she was constantly stared at all day. The guys were clearly picturing her topless, and the girls were looking poisonous.

Everyone either wanted to fuck her or slit her throat. She retreated back to her close friends for support. They provided. Specifically, they provided her candy bars between classes. At lunch, they all sacrificed their desserts to Sarah, and she accepted all of this without question. After all,she thought, they've been here before, they remember getting fat, they know it can be hell, and this chocolate is sooooo good! Then, Sarah gave in to her hunger completely. She would clear a plate, then get a refill, clear it again, repeat.

What the hell, she thought, people knew how fat I've gotten, let them see me eat, at least there's a good meal in it for me!

What she ate, though. . . exceeded the limits of "a good meal," rounding more into the "how is that possible?!" range. When she stopped eating, finally, she put her hands on her stomach. It took a few minutes for her body to realize just how much it had eaten, but her stomach was showing it clear as day. It bulged far out into her lap. It felt hard as a rock in her hands and she was having difficulty breathing. She laid back onto a bench and waited for some of the swelling to go down. This was why she was so fat, she thought to herself. Because I'm a total pig. And everyone watching agreed with her completely.

Sarah was pulled out of class at the start of the next period and brought to the locker rooms. The school had to know they had the right size uniform Sarah needed, so she had to wear it for practice. Yeah, she realized pretty early that one size up just wasn't enough, but was too proud to say that, so she just obliged.

She knew she should be insulted by their assumption she wouldn't lose the weight, but she couldn't deny the facts. Which was that she could barely squeeze her ass into this new skirt. Well, at least she didn't need butter to get it on. . . No, she thought, that is NOT something to be proud of. She had to stop this! Obviously, she had actually been GAINING weight on this diet so far, she had to be more careful! No more getting dessert at lunch, no more Macdonald's drive-through on the way home, NONE of that! Starting tonight at home. She had to know where she was starting from to know how much she lost, right?

The button was the trouble. Sarah's stomach was still incredibly bloated from gorging at lunch. She laid back on the bench and tried to suck in, but couldn't quite seem to do it. NO. THIS WILL WORK. Sarah was NOT going to have to go with a safety pin on this uniform! IT'S BIGGER. IT MUST FIT! She was unwilling to accept that she might need to go up yet another size.

She sucked in her breath one last time and. . . IT WORKED! She felt like she was losing circulation to her legs, but dammit, she wasn't that fat! Now all that's left is to practice in this. Oof, after all that food, she didn't feel up to cheer practice. She couldn't cancel though, could she? What could she do though, when she was this bloated? Well, time to find out, she thought.

Practice ended early. This happened a lot now, since she'd taken all the jogging off the exercise checklist, but it was different. Things started pretty regular, with a bit of light exercise, jumping jacks and such. Sarah sat down on a bench to watch the other girls. Then they ran through their cheer routines, and that's when things changed. This was the easy bit of practice and Sarah thought she could handle it. Yeah, not on a full stomach. After two minutes of this, Sarah felt tired and, for the first time since she'd changed clothes, she let her breath out. Suddenly, with a small 'pop', her skirt wasn't so tight anymore. Practice ended and Sarah brought back the uniform, humiliated. They gave her the next size up and sent her on her way.

Sarah was sitting in the car a few minutes later when one of her friends saw her. She came over to Sarah and gave her a hug, a shoulder to cry on. She could relate to Sarah's weight problem to an extent and invited her over to hang out for a while. Sarah needed the support, so she accepted the invitation, following her friend's car home.

The two girls sat down in the living room, and Sarah told about all he things that were happening, the diet, the football game, the uniform. Sarah needed to be comforted right now, she needed someone to share all this, and this girl was perfect. Her name was Julia, and she was always trying one diet or another. The two girls had been friends since seventh grade, and in that time, Julia had shot from 110 all the way to whatever she weighed right now. She remembered being thin, but she remembered getting fat, too.

The other two big girls in their group had just been fat their entire lives, but Julia was different in that. Her time being thin had ended when she hit puberty. She had eaten like a pig her whole life, but suddenly, all that food was turning to fat. Her tits showed that first. For a while, guys couldn't stop staring at them, but the weight kept adding on. Now she was bigger than ever. You see, Julia had gained weight this summer too, possibly more than Sarah. She wasn't sure though exactly how much. She knew two things: at the end of last year, she had just bought a pair of size 16 jeans and an E-cup bra, but now she couldn't close the snaps on either.

The two of them had different, but similar problems, both coming from the same source. Sarah couldn't fit into pants, where Julia couldn't get her bras snapped, and both of them were getting fatter, so they decided to make a deal. They would lose weight together, starting tonight. Julia found a scale so they could record their starting size.

Sarah went first. She took off her clothes (they add weight!) and stepped onto the scales. She almost didn't want to see the number, but she had to. She bent down to check the number, noticing her stomach bunching into rolls, and of course it would! She weighed 139 pounds! In ten days, she had gained seven pounds of pure fat! This diet she was starting with Julia had BETTER WORK! Speaking of, let's see where Julia was starting!

They awkwardly moved around the bathroom so Julia could get to the scales. She stripped her clothes off and Sarah could hardly believe her eyes. Julia's tits looked even bigger without clothes! They were amazing, perfectly round, gravity defying orbs of pure fat. When she moved, they jiggled hypnotically in response. On a thinner woman, these kind of tits would be worshiped, but Julia was not a thin woman. Beneath these glorious globes, her belly bulged out in all directions. When she leaned one way, her gut would bunch up into large, thick, rolls of flab.

Sarah managed to count three large fat rolls before Julia moved again, struggling to see the numbers on the scale. After about four minutes of trying to rearrange her rack so she could see, she finally asked Sarah to check the numbers. Sarah kneeled down and reported back. 189! She didn't expect the response from above.

Julia broke down sobbing, and with that, the roles were reversed. Sarah had cried on Julia's shoulder, now Julia would cry on Sarah's. It came out that last winter, Sarah had had a check-up with the doctor, and that was the last time she'd been weighed. The doctor told her that, at 164 pounds was too heavy for a nineteen year old woman. This meant that, in the ten months since that appointment, she had gained 24 pounds.

That's it, this diet was going to HAPPEN. Sarah would get back to normal, and Julia would get down to at least 150lb. They told Julia's mother about this, and she gave them another idea to help them with this. What if they took pictures of themselves right now, to hang up to look at when they want to cheat on their diet. BRILLIANT IDEA!

They stripped down to their skivvies and took three pictures each, one from the front, one from the back, and from the side. When they had the pictures, the printed them out and took a look. Sarah looked at her own frontal shot first. Holy shit, did her hips really look that wide? They looked about three foot across! And her thighs were absolutely ridiculous! She noticed little love handles forming on her sides, and her panties were wedging themselves in between her cheeks. That was happening a lot lately, maybe she should get bigger panties? No, that's why she was doing this, to lose weight.

The back picture showed her the cellulite that had been building up. Gotta get rid of all this cottage cheese! And the profile pic. . .

Damn, does my ass really stick out like that? Balances out the boobs, I guess. She liked the new boobs. Maybe that ass isn't so terrible. . . Looking at this picture, she finally realized that her tummy didn't actually look as bad as it felt. I wasn't big, just. . . squishy! It was almost cute, actually, like rising bread dough! It was soft and squishy, for sure, but not BIG. . . Yet. Still, it had to go.

She traded pictures with Julia and took a look at hers. From this frontal view, Julia's massive tits didn't seem so invulnerable to gravity. They hung down ever-so-slightly over her belly. Her belly was looking pretty big too, folding over itself on the sides. She had round cheeks and a small double chin. No hips or waist to speak of, really.

She looked like an apple, really. A very large breasted apple. Her arms were large and round. From the side, her tits were being supported by her belly, and while her tits seemed nearly weightless, the belly did not, sagging down a few inches. Flab was bulging out wherever it could, at the top of her bra, out the sides, flopping over the edges of her panties. The entire picture gave a definite feeling of softness to her body. Julia definitely had a lot more to lose than Sarah . . .

One last thing, they needed a picture together, Julia stood beside Sarah. They were almost the same height, but nowhere near the same size or build. Julia's light brown hair was cut short, playing around her ears, framing her face perfectly. Sarah's was long and pitch black, playing down her back. Well, at least next to Julia, Sarah would NEVER look fat!

Sarah left that night feeling much more secure about things. She had a support system now, there was no WAY she would get keep getting fatter! So she thought, anyway.

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