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Part Eight

You see, Julia had other plans for this diet of Sarah's. Oh, to her it would be a diet, but to Sarah, it'd be kind of an anti-diet. She liked Sarah just fine as a friend, but it was always intimidating to be around her For years, she'd been standing next to Sarah, feeling like a cow, but now, she could sabotage Sarah's diet, make HER the fat one! Could and would.

First thing. . . Sarah has no willpower, she had to take advantage of that. Actually, neither of them had any willpower,but it was Sarah she wanted fat. How could she use that. . . An idea hit.

She could solve BOTH these problems in one shot. The only way she could be sure not to cheat was if there was no fattening food around,and there was PLENTY. She glanced around the room. . . Yep, junk food was EVERYWHERE. She couldn't just toss it out, that would be wasteful, but what if she invited Sarah of one last binge to kick off their diet? They could always call in fat to school tomorrow!

Ooooh,and Sarah would have the same situation at HER house! If she got their mutual friends Brianna and Megan involved, she was sure they could bump Sarah up an extra twenty pounds!She called them up first, just to run it by them. They were all for it! The three of them had been in Sarah's shadow for years, now they would make that shadow a BIT wider. . . This kind of a group effort would take more than one night, so they decided to all meet tomorrow, go through the same steps as Sarah and Julia had, and agree to start the diet officially Saturday after all temptations were removed.

Julia was in heaven. Alone, she might have brought an extra three, maybe five pounds to Sarah's cheerleading body, but with her friends, who knows how fat they could make her?
The next day, the performance began. Megan and Bri wore their tightest clothes to school, and at lunch, they consumed massive amounts of food. Bri's already massive belly was bulging out even further than normal, and Megan had to unbutton her shorts before too long.

They whined and complained about how fat they were getting until Sarah inevitably invited them to join Julia and herself in their diet. She had no clue where this would take her. Her three friends shared a look of excitement, then launched into how they would have to get rid of all the temptations around their house to do this, but they COULDN'T just throw them away!

Sarah was never a wasteful person, and this got her thinking about what SHE had left, about the half a cake uneaten on the dining room table, about how fattening that would be if she ate it all just to get rid of it! Sarah was not a wasteful woman, but neither was she a charitable one. It never crossed her mind to donate the spare food, so to her, the only option was to eat it all!

Here, Julia chipped in with her part of the plan. All that food was bad for ONE person, but if they SHARED it, it wouldn't be quite so terrible, would it? The group made plans to start with Brianna's house on Saturday. That would be the worst anyway. See, Bri's mother was head cook at a locally-owned bakery in town, and she would often bring home day-old baked goods. That was why she was so damn big (225 at last check up) and why she'd been like that since grade school. Bri had the most to lose and the worst chances of doing it. Saturday morning, they agreed, to meet up at Bri's house and feast on baked goods until muffins poured out their ears. Next they'd do the same at Julia's, then Megan's, and finally, Sarah's.

Well, Sarah thought, with all that deferred to Saturday, the diet just won't start until then. Almost a relief, too, she was really hungry right now. No diet, the lunchroom food is all up for grabs. She ran through the dessert line one last time, not seeing her friends smiling knowingly at each other. Yeah, making Sarah fat was going to be a piece of cake. See, Sarah thought the girls would all be getting together, then the four of them would divide the junk food amongst themselves, but they had something. . . different in mind. See, if everyone ate a fair share, they'd be wrecking their own diets entirely, so they made plans to not have that happen.

They broke down the operation into four categories, Brianna, Julia, Megan and Sarah, each one referring to the house being cleared of junk. First, Brianna. See, they could all show, but that would only reduce how much food Sarah would be eating. No matter what, they were all going to be picking lightly a the food, letting Sarah eat as much of it as possible, but they had to eat some of it to allay suspicion.

At first, Brianna would be there alone with Sarah, giving her excuses for the other girls, saying they'd be coming soon. After about an hour, or when Bri sent a signal to the girls, Megan would show up and join in, binging to her hearts desire.

A little later, say, thirty minutes, Julia would join in the feeding frenzy. All of this was entirely to produce the illusion that her friends were there to help, disguising their real intentions- to make Sarah fat. See, Bri was planning to buy EVEN MORE junk food the night before, entirely catering to Sarah's likes and dislikes. If Sarah loved red velvet cake, Bri would buy an extra the night before for her to eat, if she disliked something, that would go off the menu!

The girls were clever with all of this, and they all had the same scheme, when time came for their own homes. They were going to gain a little weight during all this, they knew that,but it was worth the price. A little weight to them, a LOT of weight to Sarah. So far, Sarah was keeping an amazingly well-defined hourglass, how long would THAT last?

Sarah returned with a platter loaded down with desserts, and as they watched her chow down, the girls knew for certain.

This was going to be easy.

(Continued in post 12 of this thread)

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