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Part Nine

Saturday morning, Sarah woke up excited. She drove over to Bri's house, like they'd planned, only the driveway looked almost empty! She knocked and Bri answered. Her question was answered pretty fast. "Oh, they're caught in traffic? Oh, too bad!"

First on the list, though, before they started eating, she had to know where Bri was starting from.

Big number, that's all she knew. Well, that and that Bri wouldn't be able to see over her gut, so it'd be down to her to report the bad news. They pulled out an old rusty scale to find out the exact numbers.

"What, has anyone in this house USED this thing in the last ten years?" she wondered.

She thought for a second about Bri's mom, noticed he numbers only went to 300 and that question was answered. They set it up in the living room because there was no way both girls could fit into that bathroom at the same time! Bri stripped down to her underwear, and Sarah had to take a second to recuperate from the sight.

"How the hell could a woman let herself GET like that?! If she wasn't wearing panties, no one would be able to tell from the front!" Sarah thought to herself. Britney's gut just rolled up into two giant rolls of fat. Every movement just kept on going,reverberating back and forth across her rippling belly.

Sarah snapped out of it. She ducked down beneath Bri's belly (Man it's dark down here!, she thought) and looked at the numbers. 264! Damn, that was heavy! Only 36 pounds from the end of the scale!

She was surprised at how calmly Bri took the news. If she personally had found out that she'd gained thirty nine pounds, she'd have to sit down for a minute, try to wrap her mind around that information! Bri just kind of took it, shook it off like it wasn't that big a shock!

Actually, it wasn't to her. Bri knew full well how fat she'd been getting lately, and honestly, she just didn't care, in fact, she kind of liked it! She'd been "the fat girl" since second grade,now she was just a fatter girl. She was used to it, it was like a comfort zone to her. She didn't intend to lose much, if any, weight on this diet, either, she just wanted to fatten Sarah up, give herself someone to relate to. She loved hanging out with Sarah, but they just didn't have much in common! Okay, time for the pictures now.

The frontal picture just confirmed what Sarah had been thinking earlier. No panties, no difference from the front. Bri's potbelly drooped down enough to protect her modesty. She had no proper hips, either, the flab made sure of that. Her lovehandles and fat rolls dominated the picture, her flabby arms framing her soft body. The side picture showed just how huge her pot belly really was, pushing out several inches past her breasts,which weren't exactly tiny. It wasn't perfectly round either, more like a soft, wet bag of sand bulging out over her panties. Those panties were looking stretched to the limit despite Bri's noticeable LACK of ass. She looked over at Bri plopped down in front of the TV. Her stomach was looking huge, all bunched up into one soft mass of flesh.

Sarah wondered for a second, what was she weighing herself right now? It'd been a few days since her weigh in, and she definitely hadn't been sticking to any kind of diet in that time! Come to think of it, her uniform had seemed a bit tighter at the game last night. . . No. Today was devoted to helping Bri get started on her diet, and that was going to mean she'd be ruining her own today, best not to find out she was two pounds heavier already.

Oh man, was this a good idea? Just walking in, there'd been two whole cheesecakes on the counter, and no one else was here, yet, and. . . No, stop that where it is right now. She'd given her word to help with this and Sarah always kept her word. She grabbed Bri, went to the kitchen, and dove in headfirst. She hadn't eaten breakfast, or even had any late night snacks, so she was starving for a little food!

Sarah grabbed a box of homemade donuts and set to work on them, they're a breakfast food, right? Close enough. Sarah felt they were the best donuts she'd ever had, too.

Bri's mom sure knows what she's doing in the kitchen! Sarah acknowledged.

The first serving of donuts went down fast, and wasn't too long before she was digging into a second. She looked around. . . Even with Bri's help this would take a while.

"Where are those two?" she thought, referring to her missing classmates. "How bad can traffic BE?! They said they'd be here, though, and they've never lied before, so. . . "

Bri wasn't doing a good job letting Sarah eat most of the food. She didn't get to over 250 pounds by snacking on celery and carrot sticks! She was used to huge meals, and being around so much food, with another person eating their hearts out, she just couldn't resist! Best she could do was push the most fattening snacks over towards Sarah, let her get the full effects.

Sarah never even noticed any of this. From the first bite of that donut, she was in heaven. All her favorite foods were RIGHT HERE WITHIN REACH! She barely paid any attention to her stomach's complaints, much less to how much (or little) Bri was eating.

On some level, she did feel how full she was, but Bri's mom's cooking was just SO FANTASTIC! In fact, she barely registered Julia and Megan walking in an hour and a half late. They took their time, enjoying the spectacle, pretending to be busy looking at Bri's before pictures.

Finally though, Sarah did notice them, and realized they needed to know Megan's starting stats. She left Bri eating obliviously, to weigh her and get the pictures. Megan was nowhere near as big as Bri or even Julia, but she definitely had a lot of extra baggage laying around. She stripped down and stood on the scale to find out. She had to shift her weight around a bit to get the number, but for once, Sarah wasn't needed to report the results of overindulgences. 171!

There was a bit of a shocked silence from Megan, but not for too long. It was only four pounds more than last time.

"After all! I mean, it's four little pounds, not a big deal!" she rationalized. "The objective here is to sabotage Sarah and that meant eating myself, right?"

The pictures made those four little pound look, well, not so little. They didn't have any before pictures to really compare to, but she definitely wasn't looking too thin. On the contrary, from the front, her hips were looking absolutely enormous and you could see fat pouring over the top of her underwear, encircling her soft waist. Unlike with Sarah, there was a definite gut filling the space between hips and boobs. Not a massive one, smaller than Julia's, and DEFINITELY smaller than Bri's, but big enough to draw attention to itself. From the side, you could see it hanging out, jutting from her waist.

Megan had a full C-cup, but in the context of her gut, that didn't say too much. No, Megan's defining feature was, without a doubt, her ass. She was pear-shaped, in a very powerful sense. Above the waist, Megan would be defined as being "a bit chubby," but with her ass in the picture, she was downright fat. Her thighs were positively massive,and she had cellulite running along the backs of her legs. Her ass bulged out in the back, looking like someone shoved beach balls in her pants, then inflated them.

It was a weird feeling for Sarah. She had so far gained weight in the same places as Megan. Looking at these pictures felt almost like a funhouse mirror, or a glimpse into a future where she never got her weight under control! She glanced into a mirror in the hall to see herself. Her tummy, inflated by donuts and cake, looked a few months pregnant, and when she looked into the kitchen, there was SO MUCH LEFT!

"It'll be okay," she told herself, "my friends are here to help with this. They'll eat their share. . ."

Well, as you can guess, they didn't eat their share. Not all of it anyway. Good chunks of it, easily enough to turn any diet they might have actually been on into a complete train wreck, but they left as much of it up to Sarah as they could bring themselves to do. Until about noon, anyway.

At noon all four took a break to digest a bit. The members of the group looked huge by then. They laid down on their backs to relieve a little bit of pressure, and waited until they felt up to eating more. Which took a few hours. Bri was the first to recover, after all, she was used to this kind of massive binging, as her figure displayed most clearly. She struggled against her many fat rolls to sit up, and she looked around the room at all the food left, finally realizing what should have been obvious. This would be all day ordeal.

Three o'clock came around, and the binge began again, each of the girls stuffing themselves to the max, Sarah most of all. It took them until 9:00 that night to finish, but they managed it. After that kind of eating, though, none of them felt up to driving home, so in the end, they all passed out on the living room floor, surrounded by hundreds of plastic containers, Coke bottles and covered in crumbs, their stomachs bulging out far above the rest of them. All of them, not just Sarah's.

Even though the plan was to let Sarah eat a vast majority of the food, the gluttonous instincts of the conspirators were CLEARLY getting in the way.

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