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Part Ten

Sunday was not a good morning for Sarah. Or for the other girls, but they were old hands at dealing with fat days. For years, they'd been going to school when they felt fat, but it was a new feeling to Sarah. And she didn't like it.

The food in her stomachs was digested, but the bulge was still there! She could see her panties crumbling ever-so-slightly under the weight of her burgeoning bell. Sarah looked in a mirror at herself, at the jelly rolls sagging at her sides, and felt sad. It was like the cheerleader was melting away into seas of fat, leaving her a chubby blob of a woman! She was getting fat rolls, her thighs were touching, even. . . was that a DOUBLE CHIN!? Yeah, it was small, but it's THERE! This diet needed to start, and SOON.

Suddenly, a heavenly smell wafted through the air. Bri's mom was up. And cooking. Cinnamon rolls. That pan didn't last too long. Bri's weight problem made sense now, with her mom's gift for cooking! Sarah couldn't help but think, if I had her cooking my meals every day, I'd be over 300, no problem, by now!

They had to move on, though. Yesterday, they cleaned out Bri's house, now to go through Julia's. Julia didn't have quite such a fattening household, normally. Right now, though, it was pretty stuffed with calorie bombs. Still, nowhere near what Bri had had. Julia'd been sure to stock it with cookies and cupcakes for this special occasion, but Bri's house was ALWAYS like that.

All Julia's work made sure this was a big job. They gathered all the junk food into the living room and dug in. Sarah was a little more hesitant to start stuffing herself this time, but she caved in when she saw how much her friends were enjoying it. Once she started, though, it was hard to stop. Her stomach was still stretched from the night before, so she could eat more than ever without feeling any pain. She ran through that stage pretty fast, though. About ten thirty, she leaned back on the couch, surrounded by the ruins of her binge, her stomach stuffed.

Sarah tried not to think about how much this was going to affect her. She had a decent metabolism, right? It wouldn't be TOO bad! She couldn't let herself think about what it meant if she didn't. She looked around at her friends. She looked at Megan. Megan was closest to her in size and shape, but was a lot bigger. Her gut was literally pouring out over the front of her sweatpants! Sure, I mean, it was stuffed full, but even those sweatpants were looking a bit strained to hold in that ass!

Was she bringing herself that direction? Almost too fat for sweatpants? No, that's what this whole thing was for! It'd be easier to diet with her friends looking after her, so she she needed them on her side with this. This was only a short-term deal, pigging out like this. After this, she'd never need to eat again!

"Well, it feels like that anyway! I wonder how fat we'll all be after all this? We should have waited till we'd done all this to weigh ourselves and take before pictures! There's no way none of us gained less than five pounds! Ooh, Megan especially, look at her over there, what was that, her fifth piece of cheesecake? By the time we get done with my house, there's no way she'll still be able to fit those sweatpants! Come to think of it, my own sweatpants were feeling a wee bit too tight for comfort. . . "

Sarah couldn't focus on that for long, though, not with a full half gallon carton of Ben & Jerry's singing her it's sweet, sweet song. She dug in, shoveling bite after bite into her gaping maw and seemingly bottomless stomach. She knew it wasn't bottomless, she could feel that very clearly, but there's always room for Ben & Jerry's, right? Even when she was starting a full half-gallon on an overly full stomach.

She looked around as she finished.

"Okay, not too incredibly much more," she thought. Three untouched cheesecakes, another pint of Chubby Hubby, and a few leftover muffins. They could finish this off before they rested, for sure. She wasn't even sure how much of a rest they would need. Compared to yesterday, this was nothing! I mean, it was only 10:00 and they were nearly done! Megan wouldn't have too much, she was sure of it. After all, she could tell why Bri was so massive, Julia wasn't so big, and she had less food. Of the group, Megan was least obese, so of course, she would have even LESS fattening foods laying around!

If they'd stuck to the plan, in the time it took Sarah to finish the ice cream, Bri, Megan and Julia would have only gotten through one cheesecake, and maybe a few muffins, but, as has been established, they weren't very good at that. They did save her the pint of Chubby Hubby, which Sarah was glad for. They knew that was her favorite!

They agreed when they were done to go directly to Megan's house. They were full, yeah, but they could handle more, and after all, they WERE working on a deadline here. They had to finish today, so they didn't miss any school!

Sarah was kind of shocked when they got there. Her hypothesis about Megan's house being a light binge was more than a little off base. See, Megan's family naturally ran a high metabolism, so they had no problems keeping junk food laying around the house. Actually, Megan's wasn't too slow either, she was just a lot lazier than the rest of the family, hence the chub. To make it worse, Megan had met her share of the deal and stocked the house with even more junk food than normal, though she couldn't deny that fact almost definitely helped in her recent four pounds. . .

Now, though, they were going to deplete the house of all junk food intended for Megan's full family of five. This. . . was intimidating. But it must be done, for Megan's sake.

Sarah plopped herself on the sofa and restarted her eating. She pulled over a huge piece of carrot cake and dug in, enjoying every bite. Her friends quickly followed her example, shoving more and more food into their mouths before they'd even managed to swallow their last bite. Their bellies swelled to accommodate for the caloric onslaught being foisted upon them, yet they kept going. Their stomachs began to ache, but still they could stand it, right? Wasn't too bad yet! Well, until it WAS.

About one in the afternoon, they couldn't keep going anymore. They each looked about 10 months pregnant with twins (triplets in Sarah's case) so they decided that was enough for now. They lay back massaging their bulging midsections, trying in vain to relieve the pressure. It worked a little, enough for them to nod off to sleep, napping from about two until five. An unplanned nap.

Julia was first to wake, and upon seeing the time, she flew off into a panic. They were on a deadline, if you recall, and there was NO room on their schedule for a four hour break! She woke up the rest of them and began again, double time. No more pausing over a particularly delicious mouthful, just on to the next without hesitation. But there was just so much! They ate until they couldn't move anymore to get more food, but their efforts were in vain. Their pig out didn't quite make it to the finish line before they passed out, sometime around eleven that night. This would have to go one more day. . .

Monday morning, Megan's mother awoke them with a box of donuts, which, needless to say, didn't last very long. The girls had. . . difficulty getting up. School seemed out of the question, if only because Megan only had clothes to fit herself and Sarah, and only barely herself. The girls surely couldn't go in what they wore already, as tight and stained as their clothes were.

And they were tighter. Visibly. Looking around, Sarah noticed Julia's breasts CLEARLY bulging above and around the sides of her bra, fat was folding all around the straps on Megan's bra, and from the looks of it, she wasn't sure how much longer the button on Bri's pants would hold. Not too long, she was sure. Actually, why hadn't she just unbuttoned them already?

On that mark,why on earth had she even WORE pants with a button? The rest of them were wearing sweatpants! I mean, that just made sense for what they were doing, didn't it? She pulled her mind away from that, they needed to focus on the plan. They'd finish clearing Megan's house, that was sure. So. . . BIG breakfasts for all!

One thing was clear. They needed to make Megan's family think they'd left for school. Then they'd have to call the school, excuse themselves from class. They'd have to fake sick, I mean, they couldn't exactly call in fat, no matter how true it was. The plan was decided. Leave, call the school, drive around the block a few times until Megan's mom left for work, then they'd return to feasting. Then they'd get back and finish the job. Then to Sarah's house, which should be pretty light, then finished!

Yeah, seems pretty easy when it's put like that. Coming back into Megan's house though. . . Yeah, they'd made a pretty big dent, but there was just so much left! Well, their stomachs had all night to digest, so they had a fresh start! Screw it, won't get anywhere if we don't start somewhere. And Sarah was feeling a bit peckish. . . I mean, she'd only gotten, what, three of those donuts? What kind of a lousy breakfast was that? And food was anything but scarce right here.

Sarah grabbed a box of Oreos and began the morning. It seemed like the other girls had completely forgotten their original plan, and they dug in with even more enthusiasm than Sarah. With their inhibitions totally forgotten, Megan's house was cleared in record time. Okay, time to move to the EASY part of all this. Sarah's house.

And for once, reality matched expectations. Sarah's house was cleared in less than an hour, leaving the group at 10:50, with nothing planned for the rest of the day. They laid back and waited to digest. They talked the whole time about whatever.

Sarah chatted about how being heavier had changed her cheerleading, about how the other cheerleaders, who were beneath her in hierarchy, were almost rebelling against her, conspiring to make her look like a crappy leader in hopes the school would remove her as acting captain. She talked about how much she needed this diet to work, and her friends heard, and they decided to lay back on trying to make her fat.

No, they decided, without even speaking to each other, never to do anything like this again. It was enough, they thought, just to sabotage any diet. Finally, Sarah was like them! Always, she'd been the thin one, something none of them had been for years. No, this wasn't about revenge, Sarah'd always been nice and accepting of their size. Now it was their turn to be the same. But they couldn't go back to the way things used to be, now they saw what it was now.

They'd each had previous diets unintentionally destroyed because of Sarah's love of food, now it was time to return the favor. All this was in their heads, though, they didn't say it out loud for obvious reasons. At the same time as all this, the finally realized just how much all this meant to Sarah. On one level, they wanted to just give up and let her lose the weight, but this was the best talk they'd ever had as a group! With Sarah experiencing some of what they'd dealt with for much of their lives, they had something in common at long last. Their friendship was being made stronger for all this, and they couldn't just let that slip through their fingers.

They'd still have to feign a diet, at first, anyway, to make sure Sarah didn't figure out what the last two days were REALLY about, but they could always “fall off the wagon” early, and drag Sarah off with them. No, they wouldn't help Sarah lose weight, but they could help her accept her new size. Wouldn't be too hard, there were definitely more than a few guys in school staring appreciatively at her over-sized ass. She may THINK she was getting too fat for guys, but that was because all the guys who liked it were behind her, staring intently at it as it bounced and jiggled. She couldn't see them, but her friends could.

Maybe, just maybe, they could convince one of the cuter ones to work up the courage and ask her out! Surely, with a boyfriend who enjoyed her ass the size it was, she wouldn't be so worried about it! Then she'd be comfortable with it, maybe even give up this mad idea of a diet!

They were still jealous, but, they figured, after this weekend, Sarah'd be lucky if she wasn't ten pounds heavier, and with their encouragement, she'd STAY ten pounds heavier, at least until summer break. From there out, it was anyone's guess, but they had a feeling, just from her gain in the one month on a college campus over the summer, that she'd gain the freshman fifteen and then some once school started. Too bad they wouldn't be seeing that, though.

They'd all gotten been accepted to college, so they were all going, no question about it, but none of them to the same college Sarah would be attending. This would be their last year to hang out together, their last year to sit around and just talk about things in their everyday lives. The five of them decided to make the most of it, in every way possible. They'd go see movies, have sleepovers, skip school together, everything they could think of.

It got her friends thinking. If they were always together, they could easily stop Sarah from working out! They wouldn't be feeding Sarah extra calories, but that was fine. No gain, but no weight loss, either. Eh, they figured, Sarah was hardly big, but it was enough for them to relate. As long as she didn't lose weight, they'd be fine!

No. They didn't need to fatten her up, just to NOT lose any! Besides, they thought, she'd done a bang-up job of gaining weight without their help! All they could hope for was for that to continue.

And it did....

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