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Part Eleven

By about one that afternoon, they all felt they had digested well enough to move around, do other things. One thing they knew for sure, though. After all that eating, none of them would be fitting well into their old wardrobe. Both Megan's and Sarah's sweatpants were in dire danger of exploding at any second. Sarah's were in more dire straits than Megan's, but both were worryingly strained.

Yeah, after all this, a shopping trip was a necessity for all of them. According to their goals, Sarah had clearly gained the most, but their own gains were nothing to sneeze at. Julia's face and stomach took the majority of her gain, rounding her chin, and her tits were obviously bulging more than ever out of her E-cup bra. And had she always had that extra fat roll around her stomach?

Bri was looking fatter than ever with her pants (finally) unbuttoned and her massive gut hanging out the bottom of her formerly baggy T-shirt. Despite this appearance though, out of the four of them, Bri had actually gained the LEAST!

Next to Sarah, Megan looked to have gained the most. As I've said, her sweatpants looked like the wrong move would shred them into tiny pieces but that was, in no way, the only sign of the weekend's overindulgences. Her gut was jutting out much further than ever before, and not just because she was full. On the contrary, it didn't look stuffed at all, just round, and soft, and chubby. Her love handles were looking a bit sturdier now, too. Her boobs, which normally completely missed benefits of her weight gain, were straining against her bra, looking like she might finally move up to a D-cup!

But it was Sarah who really stuck out. Her sweatpants had been straining from the start, at Bri's house. Now, on Monday, all that food had had time to coalesce, turning into soft, jiggly, flab. It was concentrated on her bottom half. She didn't know it, and her friends were HARDLY about to point it out, but the seam at the back of her pants had finally begun to split. Every sharp movement was popping a few new stitches, widening the gap just a tiny bit.

Her, now slightly wider and rounder, rump was bulging out behind her like a shelf, and somehow, her sweatpants were suddenly uncomfortable. Above the pants, her tummy was hanging out a bit more than normal. Sarah's sweatpants were so tight that they managed something nearly impossible. The elastic waistband was creating a full on muffin top around Sarah's middle. Not a particularly small one, I might add. Indeed, it looked like the start of a genuine spare tire, like Megan's or Julia's. Bri's belly was too large to qualify as a "spare tire," unless the tire you imagined belonged to a tractor. It was still minor, but it had potential, that was a fact.

For the first time in her life, Sarah had honest-to-god love handles. It didn't help that she still refused to just wear baggy T-shirts, and this shirt, even when she was thinner, clung to her curves, showing the smallest scrap of stomach. Now, with her new size, it was definitely showing much more than just that tiny touch of her tummy.

It didn't even reach her bellybutton anymore! Her new love handles and recently enlarged muffin top were out there on display for anyone and everyone to see. She was bulging out all over, it seemed, and with good cause. This weekend had been successful, as far as the original plan. Less so, in that they ALL gained an obvious amount of weight, much more than they'd been hoping for.

In any case, they NEEDED to go shopping, if only to keep themselves fully clothed throughout the week. It was getting close to school letting out, so for dignity's sake, they made they made the hour drive to the mall to supply their clothing needs. And not a moment too soon!

In the first shop, each girl found something they liked in a size larger than what they were wearing, and proceeded as a group into the changing rooms. Sarah removed her overly-tight sweatpants, ignoring the sounds of stitches popping as she did so,to try on her find. She glared at the jeans she'd chosen. They were light blue, clean-looking, and sturdy, but they were size 12, they weren't exactly loose, and to make it worse, they were ELASTIC! She could barely imagine the ridicule she'd get for wearing something like this to school!

It's not for long, it's not for long, it's not for long, she repeated to herself quietly, almost like a prayer. She struggled with them, but not too much. Hell, compared to squashing her fat ass into a cheer uniform, this was easy!

She looked in a mirror to judge how she looked, and she had to admit, the jeans fit her. And well! Her lower half was putting the elastic to work, stretching slightly over her her new thunder thighs. They were comfortable, too, something Sarah hadn't felt in a while wearing jeans. All this kind of depressed Sarah a bit. I mean, it had been what, two weeks since she'd updated her wardrobe, swearing to herself that she'd NEVER get up to a size 12? And here she was, buying larger jeans! How far she'd fallen!

With that, she pulled off the jeans and tried to get her sweatpants back on. Easy right? I mean, they're SWEATPANTS! Well, she got them up to her thighs easy enough, but then the trouble started. She moaned and groaned as she fought with the pants to get them up over her hips, but this time, she couldn't ignore the small pops coming from the seams as stitches gave up. She heard them, but she couldn't get past the idea. These were SWEATPANTS! THEY'RE STRETCHY!

Through a lot of careful and delicate wriggling though, she managed to get them on and around her hips after a while. First thing after she got out, new sweatpants were DEFINITELY in order, as depressing a thought as that was. She noticed some familiar noises from the stall next to her, where she knew Megan was trying on clothes, and felt a link to her. With one last powerful yank, Sarah forced her sweatpants up and over her shelf like ass.


Sarah flushed a bright red, even though she knew no one was watching or judging her. God, people on the other side of the mall could probably hear that! She could hardly believe what just happened. She felt absolutely massive, I mean, dammit, sweatpants were what fat girls wore when they couldn't fit into anything else! And here she was, shredding a pair with her massive ass! Again, she felt like she was in free fall, fattening with every footstep she took.

She collapsed backwards onto a bench, trying to process all this. I mean, she HAD to be the only girl ever, who'd ripped a pair of sweatpants! She sat quietly, listening to Megan's struggling to squeeze her sizable butt into her own sweatpants. It eased the pain a bit. She wasn't the only girl to need to fight to fit her fat ass into elastic clothes. The groans from next door got more and more insistent as Megan managed to force her pants higher and higher, and then came a familiar sound.


Immediately, as Megan's spirits took a nosedive, Sarah's rose dramatically. She WASN'T the only woman to rip their fat pants! She had someone to relate to!

When they both exited the dressing rooms, they wore what they'd brought in to try on. They almost felt too embarrassed to show their faces, but, they realized, no one knew who it was that had torn their pants in the changing rooms, so by looking embarrassed, they were actually identifying themselves as the guilty fat asses. They tried to put on brave faces and act like nothing had happened, at least until they got out of the store, which they did, as fast as they could. They'd need more clothes, but they could buy those somewhere else, right?

Now, they were in need of comforting, which Bri and Julia supplied, to the best of their abilities, but it wasn't enough! They were on a diet now, just when they most needed comfort food! God, this was terrible timing! They sat there for a while longer, until Sarah had an idea. Their diet wasn't really STARTED yet, now was it? If so, they'd completely fucked it up that morning! Why not just continue on that? Just one last big binge before they started their diet!

Now, with her friends' recent updates to their plan, they weren't about to try and stop her. They were surprised though, at how fast she'd gone back on her diet. I mean, that was all it took? A few hours without eating and something to point out how fat she'd gotten? God, if that was it, even without their intervention, she'd never succeed at losing weight! Hell, with her appetite, she'd probably be up another ten pounds by Christmas!

They continued on to their next stop, Victoria's Secret, to get Megan and Julia refitted. Their progress, though, was slowed when they passed the food court. It was the PERFECT place for for their final feast! So many choices! Practically every fast food restaurant had a spot there, there was a locally-owned bakery! To make things even better, Sarah thought, there was an entire store entirely devoted to candy of every kind!

Yeah, this binge was exactly what she needed. Everything she had ever craved was within a hundred yards of her! She hadn't eaten in over five hours now, which was the longest she'd been without food for months, so she felt hungry enough to eat Macdonald's out of business! For the sake of enjoyment, though, she had to mix it up, get a little from almost every restaurant, doubling up on the desserts to satisfy the sugar cravings she and her friends were experiencing.

If she'd thought it through, she might have realized that maybe this wasn't such a good idea, shopping hungry, but she was too focused on how delicious this would be when they got to eating it. She imagined how it would feel, stuffed to the gills with cheeseburgers, Ice cream and chocolate. This diet would be like torture anyway, it'd be best to go in with a full stomach! When they could hold no more, they found a table large enough to hold that much food, and sat down to enjoy the spoils of their shopping.

Bri, Julia and Megan, especially Megan, dug in with as much fervor as Sarah. One last binge, after something like this weekend, how bad could it be? Their figures were still recovering from the weekend, it's not like it'd be any different. It'd just extend their time being fatter than normal, nothing they couldn't handle. It was a lot of food, though, and the girls focused on different groups of food. Julia went in for the more ethnic foods, Chinese, Mexican, she really didn't care. Bri went for the Italian foods, like pasta and pizza. Megan's preference was to the fast food, burgers, fries, fried chicken, she didn't particularly care.

Sarah was focusing mostly on the desserts, and she drew more than a few stares from bystanders. Understandably so, as she made an odd sight, a chubby woman shoveling ice cream down her throat almost faster than the eye could follow, her stomach expanding slowly as it filled more and more, with hundreds, no thousands of empty calories. She didn't seem to notice the swelling either, she just kept inhaling desserts like it was nothing! It was more than just an act, too. Her recent binging had stretched her stomach out, and compared to Saturday night, this was a light snack!

They spent hours there, eating and eating and eating. Not continuously, of course, but they had a system. They would eat until they felt they couldn't move, wait until they could, and go up to get another round of calorie bombs. Three times they went through this. They ate until they felt like they would explode, then take a break to let things settle, repeat. Three times. In the end, what they ate could have fed a small village in Africa. Six full hours, from one until seven, they ate their hearts out. By the end of the last binge, it wasn't even about comforting themselves for how fat they'd gotten over the last few days. It was sheer determination. They would not stop for anything

And still, at the end, Sarah felt unsatisfied. It wasn't about hunger, she wasn't hungry by any means, but she craved chocolate. All that dessert, yet somehow, not enough chocolate! They decided to stop by that candy store just for a while, to satisfy, nay, over indulge their sugar cravings.

As she wandered in, it felt like she had been magically transported to a world made to satisfy every dream she'd ever had. There was chocolate left and right, gummy bears lined the walls, there were countless boxes of every candy she had heard of, but never seen. It felt magical, like she'd never be able to decide!

The other girls had the same feeling, but it wasn't any of their first time in the store. On the contrary, Julia was a regular customer as of late, and the cashier recognized her and started a conversation about their great new products, which they HAD to buy, of course. They all walked out the store loaded down with candies, and Sarah immediately pulled out one of the two pound bars of chocolate she had just bought, shoving it into her mouth as fast as possible.

GOD, Sarah loved chocolate! She'd bought six two pound bars, one for immediate consumption and the rest "for cheat days only!" They sat down at the nearest bench and each pulled out some of what they'd bought, stuffing it in their mouths without forethought. After the last few days, they could all eat almost twice what they'd manage before!

They next got up and walked towards Victoria's Secret. Had it always been this long a walk? Sarah asked herself. They got, yet again, slowed down, this time because they passed a Cinnabon, and Sarah couldn't resist. She ordered three of them, then as she walked started, for the first time since she started eating, to wonder if she was overdoing it just a tiny bit. I mean, THREE Cinnabons? Kind of excessive, don't you think? She put this out of her mind quickly. Tonight was the feast before the famine, and she was going to feast as much as her body would allow. Which was a lot these days.

When she'd polished off the Cinnabons, she pulled out the chocolate bar again, and started nibbling a bit more. GOD did they move this shop to another state or something? Walking was getting uncomfortable, with every step jostling her gut a tiny bit more than she would prefer. It wasn't like she NEEDED anything there, anyway! Her bras fit very well, thank you very much!

Come to think of it, though, she could stand to move up a size in the panties department. Her panties were making a habit of bunching up between her ass cheeks. What used to be full coverage was looking more like a thong these days. She could use this to fix that problem, move up a size, replacing her medium sizes with large sizes. That, she reminded herself, was only temporary, what with the diet starting the next day. She could only imagine how much weight she'd lose on that!

After what felt like forever, they made it. They all collapsed onto chairs in the store, feeling slightly worn out from walking that far with such swollen stomachs. It took a few minutes for them to recover, and the lull was filled with conversation and much snacking.

Sarah was about halfway through her chocolate bar by now, and was finally feeling how much she had eaten that day. She tried to stand, but the weight of her bulging belly, and all that fat she'd gained in the last few days, was much more than she'd been expecting, and she plopped back down on her ass.

She repositioned herself and tried again, succeeding this time, then looking to find herself some new underwear. It felt bizarre, searching for medium sized panties. She'd been shopping for smalls for so long! She picked out a pair that looked to cover her ass pretty fully, and as a bonus, were green, complementing her fiery red hair!

She glanced over at Julia, who was being fitted for a new bra. Was she really THAT much bigger because of their three day binge? That was intense! She'd never say this out loud, but Julia was looking very much pregnant, with her cannonball breasts, and fully gorged gut hanging out in front of her.

Sarah knew she must look similar herself, her stomach feeling and looking like she'd just swallowed a bowling ball! She rubbed her stomach, letting loose a few small burps, relieving a lot of the pressure she'd been feeling. She wandered into the changing room and stripped down once more. She took a few minutes to determine the extent of the damage. The tops of the panties were under stress, that was obvious, and both cheeks were peeking out under the bottoms. She slapped her ass, as a test, and watched as wobbled uncontrollably.

You'd think she'd by now have gotten used to it, but she was constantly amazed at how fat her ass was now. Especially considering how her waist was seemingly immune to the gain! Well not right now, obviously, engorged as it was with ice cream and chocolate, but in general, it hadn't gotten too big! Under normal circumstances, the sight of her expanding backside would have triggered a depressed reaction, but with her stomach as full as it was, she just couldn't get upset for some reason.

She tried on the undies and decided they were absolutely perfect. She bought five pairs, all different colors to last her through the week, and sat down beside Bri on a nearby bench. They sat talking, and Sarah mentioned how much it sucked she'd gone up to a 12. This pissed her friend off, much more than she could have expected.

As it turned out, Bri had moved up to that size, what, a decade ago? SHE was being forced to squeeze her super-sized body into a 22, a XXL! Size 12, to her was a dream, a fading memory of a time long gone by. They waited until Megan and Julia walked out with their new acquisitions, then walked all the way back across the mall.

This time, Sarah's hunger was sated, so it seemed shorter, and much faster than before. The time spent at Victoria's Secret had given her stomach some time to digest, so her gut wasn't being jostled around unduly, which she was grateful for. The group still was looking pregnant, but walking was definitely easier than before.

On the drive home, they talked about the day, how full they still felt, and how this diet had to work. That last one was mostly Sarah, but her friends did nothing to contradict her. They talked about how fat they felt, and they realized something. Those measurements they'd done? They were so wrong now. No WAY was Sarah still at 139. No way was Megan still at 171.

Somehow, it actually looked like Megan had gained MORE weight than Sarah! Well, she was the first to just give in to her hunger. . . In any case, there was no telling until tomorrow. They couldn't weigh themselves NOW, full as they were with food. For Sarah, that could bump her up as much as five to ten pounds! By this point, she'd finished off that candy bar, most of it while waiting at Victoria's Secret, and she had moved on to lighter bits of candy.

There was no knowing exactly how much tonights pig-out had cost her in the short-term, weight-wise. Long term, there was no question. She was going to gain a good bit of weight, more than any of her friends. See, they had eaten a great many regular dinner entrees, but Sarah had eaten nothing but desserts and candy. Nothing except hundreds of empty calories. That chocolate alone had well over 4000 calories, and that wasn't in any way, the smallest dessert she'd eaten that night!

Megan was, surprisingly, second in how much she'd eaten! Bri was used to cakes and baked goods, but those, they'd left to Sarah, and full meals were much more filling than dessert. Julia was last, but she'd bought twice the amount of candy than the other girls, so her future diet was pretty much derailed already!

Sarah realized this, and when she considered that they'd have to wait until tomorrow just to see where they'd be starting from, they could just sort of post-pone the diet until Thursday. That'd work, right? I mean, they didn't have to stuff themselves like they'd done this weekend or anything! And it was probably best to know where they were REALLY starting as opposed to where they WOULD HAVE BEEN starting.

She ran it past the other girls, who were surprised to hear, once again, that she was perfectly willing to go another day without trying to lose weight. That was the second time today! Well, even if she tried to get them to "stuff themselves one last time," they weren't about to do it. They were already fat, but they weren't okay with getting even fatter. God, it was almost like Sarah now WANTED to get fat!

(Continued in post 16 of this thread)

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