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Default Asperger's Syndrome and FA-dom

I've been thinking about this a lot. I've noticed that the "geek" factor is indeed part of FA-dom. When I say "geek" I don't necessarily mean technical/scientific aptitude, but that non-conformist, misfit, outcast quality. Another aspect is "obsessive" traits that are often associated with Asperger's.

Now, I have problems with Asperger's being labeled some kind of abnormality. I think that it is simply a "difference" much like eye, skin or hair color. Nevertheless, the psychological community seems to have done a wonderful job labeling those with varying personality traits. Aspies seem to be less concerned about how other people feel about them. There are those (I'll label them as suffering from "Asshole Syndrome") who are obsessed about the image the present and their social standing. They're manipulative, obsessed with things like office politics and pop culture. They're the ultimate conformists. Unfortunately, society seems to reward that behavior and these people tend to rise to positions of power, wealth and influence.

But I digress...

So what say you? Are those who are labeled as "Asperger's" more likely to be FAs? I tend to believe so. Many FA's I know have other obsessions and are often considered experts in their fields. They have passions outside of that which is big and jiggly and arousing.

Looking forward to comments.
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