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Originally Posted by klasdow9009 View Post
People with asperger's have less of a social filter (or no social filter whatsoever), i.e. they tend to be very up front, blunt, etc. People that I know with asperger's basically can't lie at all, their brains just don't work that way; they are very logical.

Therefore, I would think that any FA with asperger's would be very open about their preferences because they simply cannot act otherwise. On the other hand, an FA who does not have asperger's would tend to be much more socially aware of the "consequences" that come with being an FA and would probably A) be more inclined to hide it and B) have the necessary skills to hide it.

So in answer to your question, I think that no, there is not a correlation between FAism and having asperger's, but I think that it might seem that way because a much higher percentage of FA's with asperger's are out than the population of non-asperger's FA's.
With you on this one. My 'baby' brother (7 years old) has been diagnosed with aspergers, and rarely keeps his opinions to himself, bless him! He's very honest, painfully honest!

I don't believe that he will grow up to be a FA purely because he has aspergers. Interesting thought though.
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