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Originally Posted by Ernest Nagel View Post
Just fyi Asperger's may be going away as a diagnosis. We'd just be High Functioning ASD in the new DSM5 when it comes out.

From the DSM5 website:
The work group is proposing that this disorder be subsumed into an existing disorder: Autistic Disorder (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

I don't much care either way. For 40 years I was just an aloof asshole. Finding out I was a "clinical asshole" with a congenital brain abnormality didn't really help much.
You're not an abnormal asshole. You're just "different". Notice how the psychological community has taken personality traits and labeled them as abnormalities? Baloney! What's next? medicating us so we all act the same? Orwell's world is not that far away sorry to say. Disorder my $%#! Thomas Sowell agrees: Oh, but he's a conservative so he must be nuts. Sowell is another great mind that psychologists would label as "abnormal". If Einstein and Edison were alive today, they probably would have been medicated or institutionalized into obscurity. Tragic.
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