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Sarah Part Twelve

To start, let me make one thing abundantly clear. Sarah did NOT, at least consciously, want to be fat in any way. She absolutely despised the feeling of her clothes getting tighter, of people judging her silently, of the ones who weren't so silent. She was sick of the whispers behind her back, of the constant friction between her thighs, of her gut bunching up into small rolls when she leaned forward. She was sick of the pregnancy rumors she knew were floating around the school, of having to worry about her pants blowing wide open every time she bent forward, of her panties continually riding up her crack.

No, consciously Sarah hated her body right now. In the back of her subconscious though, she really didn't mind her gain quite so much. The benefits were subtle, but powerful. For example, her relationships with her friends had suddenly become a thousand times stronger!

Before all this, she considered them just “lunch friends,” the kind of friends you eat lunch with, but don't have much in common outside of that. There was literally no overlap between their activities. Sarah was, to Bri. Megan, and Julia's minds, a popular girl who just happened to sit with them a lot. They felt no bond, no connection to what was going on in her life, and they didn't really care, to be honest, so they never tried to butt their way in.

During lunch break, they were friends, but outside the cafeteria, they might as well have lived in different continents. They liked Sarah just fine, but they were more than a little intimidated by her beautiful, shapely body. I mean, what on earth would a sexy girl like THAT POSSIBLY have in common with a girl like “Jumbo-Jugs” Julia? Or the school's officially designated fat ass? Well, until this summer, nothing.

This was almost a shared experience among the four of them, getting fatter and having trouble stopping the gain. They'd all been on diets that completely failed to make them thinner. By getting fat, Sarah and her friends were brought so much closer, almost like a family, and she loved that! All of them knew what it was like to try squeezing into clothes a size smaller than their bodies. They could relate to stepping on a scale and having gained twelve pounds of blubber!

Now they were giving her a ray of hope that she might somehow LOSE the weight! If she'd really thought that through, thought about the dozens of diets they had started, only to fail and end up FATTER, her hope would have vanished, but she NEEDED that hope. She refused to admit to her conscious mind that there was no way she would lose significant weight on their diet advice.

Subconsciously, though, she knew it, and she knew they'd keep getting fatter and fatter, and if she did it too, the friendship would only get stronger than ever! She was conflicted. She hated how fat she'd let herself get, but she loved the effects more, but she was a CHEERLEADER, she COULDN'T get fat, but she had made better friends, but her gut was starting to grow, but so was her ass, and men love a curvy woman. GOD WHY WAS EVERYTHING SO CONFUSING?!

Well, at least she had her friends to help her sort it all out, help her accept the weight until she managed to drop it. She couldn't even put into words how comforting that was to her.

Maybe, just maybe, she thought, she could even ENJOY herself still? Well, she was definitely enjoying the liberation she felt by eating until she couldn't move, but she couldn't stay that stuffed forever! I mean, she'd never get anywhere!

Then what about boys? She'd never actually had a boyfriend, despite her stunning looks. I mean yeah, she'd been asked out plenty of times, but she'd never taken anyone up on it! She had certain standards, and so far, none of the guys fit those standards. She had very strong feelings on what love was, and refused to fall for guys faking it to get in her pants. The guys she would actually have agreed to date were all too shy to ask her, a cheerleader, out on a date. And how on EARTH would she find a guy to go out with her now she was so fat?!

See, consciously she was still in the mindset that ALL guys MUST be totally, universally disgusted by how fat her ass had gotten, but out of the corner of her eye, she'd seen more than a few guys staring at her bouncy butt. She always ignored them though, and kept comparing herself to the other cheerleaders, which was hardly a fair standard. I mean, even BEFORE summer, she'd been the biggest cheerleader on the squad, with her bootilicious bod, and now. . .

She saw the girls in the locker room, saw their six-pack abs, their tight asses and thin thighs, then looked at her OWN physique. Well, even before all this, she'd never had a six-pack, but now, she more than just lacked a six-pack, she was beginning to bulge out over the tops of her pants! Her butt had never been as firm as theirs, always a bit bigger, but nothing like it was now.

That's what she was seeing, day after day, to compare her body to, and it dropped her self-esteem like a stone. Compared to THAT, how could anyone find THIS attractive? But somewhere in the back of her mind, she noticed the lustful looks from guys all around, and something back there was saying “it's okay, you aren't TOO fat yet.” The alternative being her believing she'd end up alone forever if she didn't lose weight, she was acting more on the second voice, without even knowing it.

More than just offering unrealistic expectations though, she was starting to feel almost like the other girls on the squad were rejecting her authority as captain. They had started just meeting outside of normal practices and coming up with completely new routines. Routines better than what they would have done otherwise. Routines that cut Sarah out completely. Not that she could have kept up with them anyway, but it hurt that they were just leaving her out to dry at halftime. They'd even come up with a few new cheers!

Sarah was completely put out of a job now. She was supposed to pick the routine so it looked best, and decide which cheers to do! She could hardly deny the quality of what these girls were producing, so she felt obligated to let them perform, even if it left her alone on the sideline, or more likely, the concessions stand at half time, She was still doing the exercises to keep up what she could still do, but she wasn't by any means getting better at them.

The other girls, though,were constantly improving. People were saying this was one of the best cheer squads in years, except for that fat one, of course. It was entirely because Sarah had gained so much, too. Working on their own, without a former hottie on their asses about their laziness, they were working harder than ever before, determined to show the public how embarrassingly fat their leader had gotten. There had only been two games so far, and it would take a bit of preparation, but they had a plan. A good plan. It would take a bit of time, maybe a week or two, but it was PERFECT. Absolutely FOOLPROOF.

It would work without a doubt.

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