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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Leaving the pickle analogy out of it (why must people drag Hitler and Fascists into non-political discussions?), I think the following (taken from the Asperger's site mentioned above) may prove interesting - and supports the view that FAness is corrolated somewhat more than average with Aspergers, but not universally:

It is interesting that

The moderator for the Love and Dating forum, Hyperlexian, uses a Lane Bryant “Free for Chubbies avatar.

The “body type catagories survey for women(based on something called OKCupid) gives six categories on preferences among Aspergers, currently showing the following:

Athletic 11%
Average 15%
A “little extra” 19%
Overweight 20%
Curvy 25%
Full Figured 30%

Now. To be fair, I don’t think the associated “Curvy” and “Full Figured” photos, here, were much more than size 14-18 respectively at the most. The guy doing the survey admitted as much later in the thread. Still, the reply percentages do tend to run more towards plumpness than one might have expected.

Another thread in the same forum about “What Attracts You” seemed full of terms like intelligence, geekiness, friendliness wetc and was noticeably short on concern about any physical characteristics. The one exception included several R rated references to breast and butt size – and the one below it noted cooking skills.
Polish/Eastern European girls are the hottest … they seem to like or be more accepting of me,… if you can cook, and look reasonably attractive (ie aren't 300 pounds) you'll probably get any guy in the entire universe.
A few comments later one guy observed
I like a woman who loves to eat a lot.
This was just from a month’s worth of posts in a thread that runs well over a hundred pages. I would suggest this type of response is atypical of a more random selection of guys, but it helps support the OPs original thesis.

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