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Originally Posted by ChubbyChaserDave View Post
I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 4 and I'm a pretty hardcore FA. My best friend who also has Asperger's is also a FA except unlike me he's gay. Another one of my friends who knows both of us and does not have Asperger's once said to me that he wondered if there was some sort of connection between having Asperger's and being a FA. I don't know if there is, but it is an interesting concept.
A homosexual FA ?? ... interesting

Funny thing was ... I was diagnosed with aspergers around 4-5 myself ... but ... thing is grew up in a very unforgiving environment... so i accommodated for that ... but i still run into some issues, but i just play it off .. most people would never guess i ever was diagnosed with such a thing, to this day i wonder if it was accurate.

I was SOOO NERDY growing up until I graduated college. I had to teach myself how to understand peoples emotions better ... i had to watch an analyze very simple things ... people seem to just get right away.
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