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Part thirteen

Tuesday morning Sarah woke up and immediately regretted yesterday's events. If she was one pound heavier, she was ten, without a doubt! Those tiny rolls of fat when she leaned forward were now much bigger, and the first shirt she grabbed, an old favorite of hers, was looking more like a tube top than a regular shirt.

Screw it, she thought, and decided to wear it anyway. She grabbed her new jeans and pulled them on, thinking the whole way, were these really this tight yesterday? She tried to dismiss the idea, thinking here was NO WAY she could possibly have gained that much weight in one afternoon. Absolutely none. She struggled with the button a bit (I'm still bloated from yesterday, that's all) and when she got it, she looked in the mirror.

Man, these jeans are looking tight, she observed. And she had a muffin top now? A genuine muffin top?

This has to end, and tomorrow it will. Not today, though.

Today is the day before the diet, because they still had to weigh themselves and take pictures, and THEN they could start. She wasn't going to try anything like yesterday's binge, but no reason to limit herself now, was there?

She pulled through the Krispy Kreme drive-through, without a moments hesitation. Yeah, the dozen chocolate coated donuts didn't really last too long. Just by the time she got to school, eight minutes later, half of them were gone, and the other half were gone by third period.

Yes, no binging today, but neither would Sarah deny herself what she wanted. She even brought the second of her cache of two pound chocolate bars, just in case she got an insatiable craving for chocolate. She held herself back, though, from eating it. Until third period anyway. Right before lunch, she pulled it out and started snacking on it, covertly, avoiding any suspicion.

Lunch, she found her friends fasting to get their weight down for the weigh-in later. She didn't help when she sat down with a huge tray loaded with food of every kind, tempting them. They held out until she got to her dessert, a small, but luscious looking sundae, dripping with chocolate and caramel. That was it, they HAD to try some of this fabulous food. They had to get a full meal, just to get a sundae, but it wasn't anything they weren't used to! All they really wanted though, was that ice cream, and they left the rest of their meals alone, where Sarah took care of them.

She pulled out the chocolate bar and continued eating it. Before the day was out, she decided, this chocolate would be GONE, one less temptation for her while she dieted. Well, except for the four still at home but those were for emergencies ONLY!

She wasn't done by the end of her next period, so she went off to cheer practice with half a pound of chocolate still uneaten. Immediately after practice was over, she and her friends were heading over to Megan's house to get weighed and measured, so she felt like it had to be gone by then. On their very first stretch, she feigned a pulled muscle and gave herself the day off, while still commanding the other girls.

More than a few dirty looks were shot at her as she bolted down the last of her chocolate bar in record time. Revolutionary spirit was rising amongst the cheerleaders. Not this week, it wouldn't happen, but they were working to find some little thing to either embarrass her into quitting or force the school to remove her. The game was afoot.

Sarah forced herself to remain blissfully ignorant of all these things, for her sanity's sake. Which would, in the end, be her undoing, as it made her an even easier target for their snark. She ended practice a bit early in hopes of getting one last bag of chips in before the diet began. Then she met with her friends to get things started.

They talked a while and they came to a decision. They would weigh themselves for sake of information, but weight, they decided, wasn't that big a deal. No, size was the important thing, and weight wasn't the same thing. And clothing sizes, it could take a lot of weight loss to actually move down a size, and they needed quicker gratification. No, instead of focusing mostly on weight, they were going to actually measure themselves in inches, bust-waist-hips. Then when they wanted to know how much they had lost, they could just pull out a measuring tape and check.

This was definitely a good thing in Bri and Julia's cases since, if you remember, they both needed someone else to see the numbers for them. Weight, they would meet up once a month to check. Measurements, once a week on their own. They'd meet up on Saturdays to talk about how things were going, their recent measurements, that kind of thing. Like a support group, which was the idea.

They went into Megan's house, and immediately, Sarah was amazed. Somehow, Megan's family had completely replaced all the junk food they had eaten over the last few days. How the hell was Megan still as thin as she was?! While Megan went off to gather the tape and the scale, Sarah dove into an open box of donuts from that morning.

"What?" tjhey asked.

"The diet didn't start until after the weigh-in!" Sarah explained.

Bri and Julia watched this display, slightly amused at Sarah's self-contradictory actions. She was the one who had the most depending on the diet to work, and she was the one who desperately WANTED to get the whole thing started, yet she seemed determined to not start until she was as fat as she could get!

Bri was weighed and measured first. She looked least affected by the weekend, if only because she was already so damn big. She stepped on the scale and waited to hear the results. She didn't wait long. “272!” the answer came up from below her blob of a belly. Eh, not a big deal, really, to her, but it was discouraging to the other girls to hear. Eight pounds on the girl who'd gained noticeably less than anyone else?

They got the measuring tape next and decided to start where Bri was biggest. Fifty-three inches. Damn, that was big. More than four whole feet around. The other girls immediately felt better. They'd NEVER let themselves get THAT big, ever! I mean, it would take a lot to get any of them up quite that much. I mean fify-three inches? DAMN! Her hips came out about an even fifty, proving once and for all, that Bri had almost no butt. Her tit's weren't too big either, only coming out to about fifty inches all told. They scribbled down the numbers, the 272 and the 53-50-50 measurements. Pictures were taken to compare against later and the inspection moved on to Julia.

Julia stepped onto the scale already having accepted that she wouldn't be able to see the numbers. She braced herself for bad news as she waited for Sarah to report back up. 201! The number didn't surprise Julia, but it was hard to hear. The last week and a half, she'd been comforting herself with the fact that at least she was under 200. Couldn't say that any more though. Time to tell the damage she'd done to her body with the tape, starting with her tits. They'd always taken most of her weight, and this binge was no exception.

Her new F-cup bra was looking tighter than it had the day before, if only a little. 45 inches was the end result, and that little fact lifted Julia's spirits up, just enough for her to bear moving down to her waist. The number there, though, dropped them down lower than even before. Thirty-seven inches. Wha? Her hips didn't lift her spirits in the slightest, coming in at forty-three inches. Her reaction wasn't as pronounced as last time, as she'd been half expecting something like this, but she still wanted to cry. She posed for pictures and now it was someone else's turn for humiliation.

Megan went next, stepping up to determine total damage. For the first time in her life, she actually had a little difficulty seeing the number! Not too much though, it just took a little time maneuvering her breasts out the way and leaning over, and she could just barely make it out. 188! Man, she'd gained a lot! More than either Julia or Bri, for sure!

She thought for a second. It made sense, didn't it? There had been a lot more fast food than pizza or chinese. Still., screw it! 17 pounds? She was almost as big as Julia was before all this, and she didn't even get the boobs to go with it! Yeah she was up to a D cup, but that was hardly enough to make up for the rest of her body. Speaking of, how massive had she let herself get? Bad news first, she thought, and started with her hips. Forty-six inches. No wonder she'd had to move up to a size twenty!

Her ass was as big as Bri's waist! Now her waist, where she looked to have added the most. Thirty-five inches. Not massive or anything, but it definitely ruled her out as being an hourglass shape, that was for sure. Now to measure the only good aspect of her weight gain, her tits. She'd never been particularly well-endowed, but they were starting to come into their own now. She'd just moved up to a D-cup, but considering her forty-six inch ass, they weren't too obvious. Thirty-four inches. Not too shabby, even if her gut did camouflage their size pretty well. Pictures were taken and it was time to move on to Sarah.

Sarah wasn't totally prepared though, as she was still working her way through the box of donuts. Her stomach was still bulging a bit from the day's food. The other girls stared a little shocked at how she could STILL be eating.

"What? I'm just helping remove a little temptation for Megan!" One thing they all decided, to minimize the shock, they had to cut Sarah off from food until she'd digested. Which they did. It didn't take too long, though, before they just said screw it, she weighs what she weighs, no need to hide it from her. Her stomach was mostly deflated by now, anyway.

She scrambled onto the scale and uttered a small scream. 155! Sure, less than Megan, but ONLY ONE STINKING POUND?! WHAT KIND OF DIFFERENCE DID THAT MAKE?! Time to find out, she thought, grabbing for the measuring tape. Start with the ass, get the bad news over with. Forty-one. Man! She remembered her last doctor's appointment, her measurements then. 35-24-38. That was definitely long gone by now.

What about her other measurements though? Might as well get a complete picture of where she would be starting on this new diet. She halfheartedly pulled the tape around the thickest part of her waist. Twenty-seven and a half inches. Well, she thought, that's still pretty good, right? Not too fat, literally half as far around as Bri, though that wasn't too uplifting a comparison,now she thought about it. Next, she moved a bit further north to measure her tits, which came out to be thirty-eight and a half.

Not too shabby. Definitely gave her a dramatic hourglass shape! She could still work this out, right? Just lose a bit of ass flab, and there you go! Only problem was clothes. Below the waist, she was a (tight) size twelve, but it got weird above the waist. The only shirts that didn't hang down off her boobs, making her seem kind of shapeless, were skin-tight tube tops, and those made every pound around her middle so much more obvious!

She was used to dressing nicely, kind of classy, nothing on display, but still alluring. Now she looked shapeless, or fatter than she really was. She was dead set against T-shirts, though, so she kind of resigned herself to having to walk around looking and feeling fifteen pounds fatter than she was. It didn't help that her new jeans were already pinching a bit. She posed for pictures and they were done with the weighing.

Julia had a thought about the whole diet they had planned. She reminded everyone of the pictures they'd taken before all this went down, and suggested they compare their pre-binge bodies to their new pictures. The changes were plenty visible already, but it'd be even more obvious comparing pictures before and after style. The other girls agreed and pulled the photos out of their purses. The differences were blaringly obvious! If you ran them backwards, every one of them could be turned into a very effective ad for a weight loss drug! Well everyone except Bri's the difference in her really wasn't that dramatic.

They mostly focused on Megan, Julia and Sarah's pictures because Bri had gained the least and because, like I said, it really wasn't that noticeable a gain on a body of her dimensions. Julia's new twelve pounds on the other hand definitely made their presence known on her body. Her love-handles were much more pronounced than before, and she had a few new fat rolls that were noticeably absent in the before picture. Her boobs were definitely a bit bigger, but you couldn't really tell from the front.

It looked like most of Julia's twelve new pounds had broken their pattern, landing on her gut, which was, for the first time ever, starting to catch up with her tits. The profile picture made her gain the most obvious. Her gut and boobs were very clearly bulging out several inches further than before, but her fleshy belly was growing a bit faster than her breasts. Her ass was more or less unchanged from before, if a tiny bit wider. She looked amazingly soft and jiggly.

The weight was more visible on Sarah than Julia, if only because she'd been starting from a lighter body. As wide as she'd thought her hips had been in that first picture, they looked even wider here, like she'd been stretched a bit to either side. Those love-handles she'd been so worried about before? Pffft, they were nothing to what she had going on down there right now. Same was true with her thighs. Hell, it was like her whole body had been stretched out in all directions. Oooh, and her bra was feeling a bit tighter now. Not unbearable, but a bit.

Her ass was eating her panties yet again, because she hadn't worn her new ones today. Looking at her old picture, she almost felt ridiculous for having been as upset as she'd been. Right that moment, she'd give anything just to be as thin as that, starting a diet at that weight instead of what she weighed right now. Sixteen pounds lighter? Not too much, but as good a place as any to start!

Well, no, she was starting at sixteen pounds FATTER, not so encouraging. . . Besides, at 5'5, didn't that officially make her medically overweight? She wanted to try and see if she could “pinch an inch,” but she was a little afraid of the results. Looking at her new picture, she was vaguely reminded of Megan's before, but with a much thinner waist of course. Bigger tits too, but not by that much. Her gut was bigger now, and just starting to hang out over her panties. She was once again reminded of rising bread dough, puffing out from her waistline.

That almost cute look to the before? Less so, now the bread had risen a bit further. It looked so much softer. Almost like it would. . . she slapped it lightly and watched in horror as it jiggled in response. NO! HER TUMMY COULDN'T JIGGLE!!! I mean, the only shirts she could wear these days were skin tight around her tummy, so it'd be out there for anyone and everyone to see! It was one thing just to lack muscle tone, she hadn't had that all year, but this?! HER STOMACH JIGGLING!? She didn't want to think about it, though she knew she would have to before dressing tomorrow.

She didn't even check how much her ass jiggled, she could feel how much that was happening just as she walked around, not even COUNTING how much it wobbled during cheer routines! OOH, and those cheer uniforms were anything but flattering to a heavier woman! Then she went off into how the hell would she be able to fit into that uniform this week, with sixteen new pounds of fat! The damn thing was tight BEFORE all this! There was no way in hell it would fit her NOW! Unless. . . She could always try to. . . Well, that was the only way it could work!

Sarah decided that sometime in the next few days, she would pull her old sewing machine out and alter the uniform to fit her fattened form. She drew herself away from this and back into the moment, which was Megan's pictures.

They had chosen to look at Megan's last of all, as she was clearly showing her gain more than any of the other girls. Those seventeen new pounds of pure flab were sitting heavily on Megan's body. Normally it would have almost all gone straight to her ass, expanding it a good few inches, but most of this new weight bucked that trend and settled mostly ABOVE her waist. She had, like Julia, added the majority of her weight directly to her already bulging belly. Whereas before the weekend, it had just jutted out a bit, it was clearly and obviously hanging out over her panties now, not quite as much as Julia's, but noticeably more than before.

Whereas before Megan had been “a little chubby” above the waist she was now VERY chubby. It wasn't limited to her gut alone though; her ass was bigger, but not by much, and from the side, her breasts looked bigger than before and gravity was starting to work it's magic on them. Her gut was bulging out pretty far, almost even with her breasts now, but not quite there. Four or five more pounds, Sarah estimated, and they'd be even. Megan's arms looked to have taken a bit of weight, too, and Sarah couldn't help but notice them jiggle whenever she reached for something. It wasn't a big thing or anything, but they definitely wobbled now.

Sarah wondered briefly how much weight it would take for her arms to start doing that. . . No, stop that thinking immediately, she scolded herself. She'd never get there because she'd never let herself get even a TINY bit fatter than she was right now, let alone as fat as Megan was had let herself get. She immediately regretted that thought. I mean, Megan was the one she related most to, with the similarities between their bodies.

Neither Julia or Bri had ever split a pair of sweatpants, that was for sure. Besides, it wasn't ENTIRELY Megan's fault she was the size she was, was it? Her family had unbelievably fast metabolisms, and she just didn't inherit that. Then she had to live in a house full of people who DID have fast metabolisms and therefore kept fatty foods all around to tempt a girl like Megan to overeat. After al, didn't the fact that she was JUST hitting 180 proved how much control she managed to keep over herself.

If she'd lived there, Sarah would be over three hundred, without a doubt. Or maybe Megan DID have a naturally fast metabolism, but she ate too much for it to keep her thin? She thought of that, then she thought about how much they had all eaten over the weekend they'd just had and dismissed the notion. I mean yeah, Megan had eaten probably more than Sarah, but it was a close match, and she'd only gained one pound more than her? No this wasn't a matter of a naturally fast metabolism overloaded with calories, this was an occasional lack of control.

Sarah now wished SHE had that kind of self control. I mean, it had been what, three whole weeks since school started and in that time she had gained more than TWENTY POUNDS?! Go back to the start of the summer and it was more than thirty! She had absolutely no self control and, come to think of it, neither did Bri or Julia.

Well, she thought, that was kind of obvious. It was the entire reason that the whole weekend had gone the way it did, and had the results it had. It was exactly why she was sixteen pounds fatter on Tuesday than she'd been the week before. It was exactly why she'd had her friends help her to wipe the junk food out of her house, and why she'd helped her friends do the same, though looking around Megan's house, and looking at their newly-enlarged figures, she wondered briefly if it was worth it.

I mean it had been all of ONE day, Megan's house was filled with junk food again, and Megan was seventeen pounds fatter to show for it all. And it wouldn't be forever before Bri's mom brought home another cake for Bri to eat, either. Knowing Julia, she'd cave in within the week and give up the diet. Was the whole, crazy, food-filled weekend a waste of time and nothing but another thing that made her fatter with no benefits? No, she thought, it was a good idea, even if it only lasts for a few days. Maybe we can lose a few pounds in those days, hopefully getting us below the weights were we were on Saturday.

Besides, with her new, once again up-sized exercise shorts that there was NO threat of her ripping, she could really step it up during cheer practice, burn way more calories! She had been taking it easy during practices lately, hadn't she? She thought about that for a second, and out of the last two weeks, there had been only three practices she had fully participated in without taking a break because of a “pulled muscle.” No more of those, though. Maybe if she led by example, lost a lot of the weight, the rest of the squad would listen to her more, start respecting her. Maybe.

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