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Part Fourteen

Sarah didn't cheat on her diet the next two days. . . too much.

Okay, so maybe she'd had a few too many Hershey's Kisses on Wednesday, and she definitely shouldn't have ordered that Double Quarter Pounder on the way home from cheer practice. And that one time she'd had seconds at school? Surely that didn't count! How many extra calories could there POSSIBLY be in four slices of pizza, a small ice cream cone and one pudding cup?

She'd been sure not to get anything that was TOO big, so it was fine, right?

That slice of cake on Thursday, that probably wasn't such a good idea, but then, she NEEDED to taste it to be sure that it was any good! Okay, so it was a bit more than just a taste, but generally she'd been good!

Honestly! I mean, those overindulgences were totally excused by how hard she'd been working at practice, right?

After all, she'd added back a lap around the field! Only one though because I mean, who NEEDS two of those? Pointless repetition, that's all it was! It didn't matter that she had to walk it right? She wasn't quite up to jogging ALL THE WAY around a whole football field yet, but, maybe, later?

Yeah, it'd have to be later.

Friday, she actually woke up kind of excited! She had made a few alterations to her uniform, so now it was both fitting AND flattering! Well, flattering might not be the EXACT right word there. It. . . well, it drew attention away from her softening stomach. The school might get a few complaints from parents again, but if it kept people off her back about her weight, she genuinely didn't care.

Her boobs now distracted from the flabby bulge directly beneath them, meaning thay they were right out in the public eye. She felt a little weird about it. She knew she was dressing like a slut, but it got the effect she wanted and the unintentional side effects weren't important. It wasn't quite big enough for her to be comfortable, but she could get it on at least.

She did her makeup and brushed her hair, taking longer than normal. Actually, she took TOO long and had to run out of the house without breakfast to get there on time. She passed a small restaurant and realized what happened every time she skipped breakfast. Those were the days she would stop repeatedly at vending machines in the hallway, and at lunch make an even bigger pig of herself than normal.

So why was she okay with that? Especially on a day like today, when she was shoehorned into her cheer uniform. She could just picture herself binging at lunch, having to unbutton her skirt to make more room, then not being able to get it buttoned again. That had happened before, with Megan and a pair of jeans about a year ago, and she didn't want to see how it felt herself, that was for sure.

Solution: Mcdonald's drive-through.

She grabbed two Mcgriddles and went on her way to school. She got there just in time, running into her first period class to many amazed stares from other students. See, Sarah had done a good job the last two days, staying out of the public eye, so really, the only people who had seen this recently upgraded version of Sarah were her friends and fellow cheerleaders.

Now here she was, gut hanging over the edge of her skirt, cleavage in broad view of everyone! It was like she had no shame! Her stomach was still a little swollen from her fatty breakfast, making it seem all the worse in the eyes of her peers.

This was what she'd been afraid of from the start - becoming a fat girl who still thinks she's skinny and dresses like it. Her cleavage was the focus of MOST of the gossip about her that day, but it wasn't quite enough for people to completely miss her gut and DEFINITELY not enough for them to miss her growing backside.

To make all this worse, around third period, it became obvious to her that two Mcgriddles wasn't enough for breakfast to stave off hunger until lunch. She stopped off at the vending machines and looked for the healthiest thing she could find. Only, nothing in the machine was even remotely healthy. She needed to get to class, so she just went for her favorite snacks, a Twix.

It didn't survive to fourth period, so she HAD to get more! This time she got two. That should help, right? And if it didn't, it'd be okay because lunch was coming soon. Well, it really wasn't enough, but she forced herself NOT to buy any more before lunch. I mean, more candy would just wreck her diet!

As a result of this, she was positively RAVENOUS when she came in to lunch. Her diet flew out the window as she worked her way through two large trays and a large plate loaded with nothing but desserts. Her three fat friends shared a knowing look. They knew this would happen sometime soon, just not exactly when. Sarah was going off the diet after less than a week, and they'd have to pick up the pieces of her shattered ego tomorrow.

She completely neglected her duties to the squad in regards to her assignment to her buddy, choosing instead to eat the cake she'd cut for him, and completely forgetting to act like a slut in front of him. Well, all for the best, really, as he'd just seen her showing just how much of a glutton she could be. That, to a narrow-minded jock like him was nothing less than completely disgusting, the biggest turn-off imaginable.

Oh well, there were cheerleaders all over the place who were, in no way, the kind of fat-asses Sarah was turning into. Despite how much she ate, despite how swollen her stomach was, Sarah REFUSED to give in and unbutton her skirt. She knew already that if she did, there'd be no turning back from that, so it was kind of a non-option.

It would be okay in the end, though, it was what, five, six hours until game time? SURELY she could fast until then, right? Even if she didn't, though, most of this would be totally digested by then! By game time, she would be as thin and svelte as. . . Well, as this morning, not like that was anything to be proud of. The bell rang and off to class she went, trying to make it through the rest of the day.

As it was game day, there was no practice, and she went home to rest up. No eating, though, couldn't do that! Well, the game didn't start until seven, it couldn't hurt to run through Macdonald's drive-through on the way home. And so what if she dug into her ”emergency-only” candy stash, it'd all be gone before the game started, right? Well, as you might have guessed, not entirely.

As she took her place in front of the bleachers, she could feel the food churning in her gut, undigested. Every jump, she could feel it bouncing inside of her. Her skirt was still feeling a bit too tight, too, but she COULDN'T just unbutton it! She couldn't really STOP, either, what with all she'd eaten this afternoon.

Really, cheerleading had become the only time she did any kind of exercising. Well, unless you counted walking down the stairs to the kitchen to get a snack of some kind. Then, she was practically an Olympic athlete! Didn't help at times like this, though.

It only got worse at half-time. She'd digested nearly all of her afternoon indulgences, and she was starting to feel a bit peckish. She was on break, so why not make the most of it? Sure, she was still a part of the halftime show, but they were the last group to perform, so she had time to snack a bit, right?

"It'll all be burned off by the end of the game," she told herself. Then again, two cheeseburgers, a super-sized coke and a regular-sized Hershey's might be a BIT more than she could get away with. . .

The half-time show was an unmitigated disaster. Entirely because of Sarah. Even the simplest little moves, like cartwheels or toe-touches were even harder than normal for Sarah, with her overfull stomach getting in the way and throwing her balance off.

At one point, she was supposed to do toe-touches in front of the rest of the squad in a pyramid. Pretty simple, she'd done it a million times, it was one of the very first things she had been taught as a cheerleader! She'd even been able to do toe-touches at the very beginning of the year!

She'd never tried with a full stomach, though. . . She wasn't expecting her weight to shift mid-jump, the landing was WAY heavier than she'd been prepared for, and her landing was far from graceful. To be more precise, she plopped down on her over-sized, well padded ass, to the crowd's shock and delight.

Even with that though, she was only embarrassing herself, not the entire squad. That is, until she tried a cartwheel. It was her attempt to recover from her failure to do a proper toe-touch, so it was going to be along the human pyramid in the background. And it was at first. Then it sort of. . . collided with the pyramid.

The girls collapsed screaming into a pile on the ground and the crowd took a collective gasp. Sarah was crushed, not by the other girls, but from what this would mean. There was no questioning it, SOMEONE in the squad was hurt, and badly. There was NO WAY they'd let Sarah stay captain after something like this, and Sarah wouldn't be able to handle it if they did. Every time she would look at the girls, she would be reminded of this mass of girls, writhing in pain from what she'd just done. She couldn't handle that kind of guilt, so if they didn't toss her off the squad, she would be handing in her resignation Monday morning.

The game itself was put on hold for fifteen minutes while everything was sorted out with the cheerleaders. Most of the squad hadn't been hurt too badly, a few pulled muscles, lots of bruises, that kind of thing, but one girl had landed awkwardly and might have broken her leg. She was taken to the hospital for x-rays.

With that news, Sarah just couldn't go on. She left halfway through the game, stopping only to tell the cheer sponsor she was quitting. She sat in her car crying for about thirty minutes, when she decided to leave.

Maybe things would seem less horrible when she left the scene of her crime? And got a few sweet things inside her belly. More than a few. This was exactly the kind of emergency she'd bought those huge chocolates for. Tonight they'd be used. But she couldn't wait until she got home, of course. It was for the better, right?

I mean, after eight pounds of pure chocolate, she'd be absolutely SICK of chocolate, and she couldn't have that happening! Besides, she needed comfort RIGHT THIS MINUTE, not in twenty minutes, when she got home. No, sooner the better. The more the better, for that matter. Well, this twenty minute drive DID have several fast-food chains along it. They had, what, a Dunkin' Donuts, a Macdonald's, AND a Dairy Queen? Everything she needed right now. Something sweet and baked, something meaty and filling, then a big, sugary dessert, all in a matter of minutes. Perfect.

Macdonald's was the closest, about five minutes away, so she set off in that direction, trying to decide what she'd order. This was the worst she'd ever felt, as best she could remember, so this was going to take a LOT of food to cover. So she decided, one value meal wasn't going to cut it here. She pulled through the drive-through as fast she could, ordering a Big Mac and a double quarter pounder. Two more stops left now, ordering more than normal. If all went to plan, that'd be a hell of a lot of food.

And for the first time that night, things DID go according to plan, to the detriment of her already rapidly widening waistline. Next came Dairy Queen, followed by Dunkin Donuts. This time, instead of just twice her normal order, she left with not just one Blizzard, not two, but THREE of those sinfully sweet sundaes. This time she took the time in the parking lot to finish all of them off because unlike hamburgers or donuts, they would be melted by the time she got home. On that note, she might as well finish the Macdonald's now.Then at Dunkin Donuts she picked up three apple cheese danishs and a half dozen assorted donuts. She could always snack a bit on the donuts during the ten minute drive she had left.

You know, I might as well unbutton this skirt now, it's not like anyone's watching, she reasoned.

After she did that, suddenly the danishes and donuts she had left didn't seem like as much as it did a few minutes before. Still, no way she could finish them off tonight. Then again, after that ice cream, she didn't really NEED any more. Besides, they'd make an amazing breakfast tomorrow morning. .

In the end, she only got through about half of the danishes and donutsand never got to te chocolates, impressive in itself, considering just how amazingly much she'd already eaten that night. She dozed off that night, feeling her bulging tummy, feeling stuffed to the brim, mostly happy, but a bit regretful as she thought how she'd be tomorrow morning. Bloated like crazy, fatter than ever. If any clothes still fit, she'd be shocked.

Holy crap, tomorrow was supposed to be the first time she and her friends met together to talk about how things had gone this week, and here she was, making a total pig of herself! The way things were looking, she'd probably be the only one tomorrow who had GAINED weight!

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