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Sarah Part Fifteen

She wasn't.

See, in Sarah's mind she'd actually stayed on the bandwagon through almost the whole week! Some of her friends though. . . Well they didn't. Actually, ALL of her friends had gone off the diet pretty early on.

Julia was the first to quit, actually giving up the same day they got started, when she was unable to resist the fattening spread of food at her little cousin's birthday party. Well, she didn't really try very hard to resist. In the end, she ate more of the cake and ice cream than all her cousin's friends combined, despite the judgmental glares of her aunts and uncles.

Bri was second off, lasting all of one whole day before her mom brought home a few leftovers from work. Okay, a LOT of leftovers. And they just HAD to be some of Bri's favorite foods, didn't they? This was pretty much the first time in her life that Bri had tried to use self-control, and she failed miserably. Thursday morning rolled around, those desserts her mom had brought home were nowhere to be seen.

Megan had lasted longest aside from Sarah, but she couldn't keep control, living in a house weighed down with so incredibly much junk food, and having to live with a family that was continually chowing down in front of her, teasing her with how delicious their food was. She managed it, though. Until Thursday, that is.

If you remember, Megan had a certain weakness for fast food in general, specifically cheeseburgers and fries. Well, Thursday afternoon, her mom “didn't feel like cooking.”

Solution? Macdonald's of course! This was a weak spot for Megan, as she ALWAYS ended up eating their food until she could barely move. Well she was on a diet this time but she still couldn't resist her gluttonous nature. She ate like normal, until she couldn't move, but then made it worse, ordering several value meals to go! For later obviously, when she could walk around under her own steam.

Most families would have made a comment here, suggesting she take it easy, but Megan's family was used to seeing her make a pig out of herself, and they had learned by experience that nothing they said would make her change anything. So they watched her stuff more and more calories down her throat, slowly filling up to the max on a fairly regular basis. Friday after school, she did the exact same thing, just because she could. She was off the diet, so it's totally fine, right?

None of these girls had actually gone back onto the diet after their failures either, preferring instead to whine and complain about how hard dieting was, how amazing it had felt to just let loose and pig out and then they'd get back to stuffing their chubby cheeks with even MORE fatty foods.

None of this was done around Sarah of course; they had to keep up the dieting act around her, to make it seem like they were with her all the way on this dieting thing. They hadn't really thought about how this day, specifically, was going to work, though. I mean, they were going to be measuring themselves right out in front of her! It was going to be OBVIOUS that they'd been cheating!

They didn't know about Sarah's night binge, though. They knew from lunch yesterday that she'd gone off the diet, but surely just one day's worth of what had become regular eating to Sarah wasn't going to make THAT much of a difference, right?

Sarah, on the other hand, was experiencing the full weight of last night's decisions. And she still needed a little comforting. Hallelujah she still had six untouched pastries and donuts left, plus eight pounds of chocolate!

At this time in the morning, she wasn't thinking about what she'd be doing that day, so she was totally focused on doing what felt good at the time. Which was eating pastries, donuts and chocolate. She got through the donuts around nine, and moved over, without thinking, to a chocolate bar. She ripped it out of it's packet, stuffed it into her mouth and began munching. About a quarter of the way through, she remembered something.

CRAP! It's measurement day and here I am, cramming my belly full of donuts and chocolate! This'll skyrocket my waist measurement, no doubt!

She called Bri and told her she was heading over to Megan's house to get everything started. Maybe she could try and hold off the measuring for a while to give her tummy some time to digest all that food. After she polished off the few remaining pastries, of course.

Well, it's worth a try isn't it? she thought.

She pulled on her sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and was out the door quick as she could. On the way there, she was briefly tempted to pull through Dunkin' Donuts, but felt her belly bulging out and thought better of it. Besides, she'd already eaten more donuts and pastries that morning than most women eat in a month, why would she need any more? This was why she'd gotten so fat in the first place!

She'd already eaten more calories that morning than she'd actually need for a full week, and she sure as hell wasn't going to starve herself for a full week to make up for it! She didn't even want to THINK about how many calories she'd eaten yesterday. Probably enough to last her for the next six months. Maybe more.

Today might as well be another cheat day, considering how it started off with something like 6,000 calories!

My diet’s screwed up pretty bad already, can't do too much more damage, right?

She explained all this to her friends, who hadn't been at the game the night before, so didn't know anything about the cheerleading disaster. To Sarah, talking about what she'd done last night after she'd left the game felt kind of like she was confessing to some heinous crime against humanity. To her friends though, it was a massive relief, not because of what she'd done, but because she'd admitted to it.

Now they could all tell her how they'd been making pigs of themselves almost the entire week, and that they were all probably a few inches further around than before. It was a bit of comfort to Sarah knowing she wasn't the only one to get fatter. Not too much though, since she was kind of counting on having them to lean on when the diet got hard.

She started thinking about the past. Had any of them ever actually LOST any weight on any one of their many diets? Well, there was that ONE diet Julia had been on last year, but she'd only lost four pounds and they were back with reinforcements less than a week after she quit the diet. Come to think of it, that's how ALL their diets ended over the years! With MORE fat, not less! She remembered the last time any of them had gone on a diet.

Megan. She'd been really upset because she'd hit 159 pounds. Yeah. She didn't stay that weight too long, mostly because of her failed attempt at dieting. In the month she'd been on a diet, she didn't GAIN any weight, but didn't LOSE any either. Then the day she quit, she just started eating her heart out, grabbing every bit of food she could get her hands on in an attempt to comfort herself for being an unredeemable fatty. When all that calmed down, she was all the way up to 167.

That diet went and made her eighteen pound fatter within six months. True, Megan had just gained that again in only a few days, but those were different circumstances, totally different thing entirely!

Well, all this meant was that Sarah would have to find other people to keep her to her diet. If there were any, that is. . . She wasn't the most popular girl in school these days, especially after last night's game. She didn't even want to THINK about how many enemies she'd made with that failed cartwheel. God, if anything, most of the girls would be TRYING to make her even fatter, like she really NEEDED their help! Clearly she was doing a bang-up job of THAT on her own!

Well, I guess I should just stick with this bunch. Who knows, maybe I'll be a good influence in helping THEM lose weight! she rationalilzed.

She'd have to think more about all that later, it was time for all of them to measure up. True, her tummy was still a bit swollen from this morning, but it wasn't TOO bad. In any case, she'd definitely be going last as she wanted to give it as much time as possible to shrink.

Julia went first this time, and man, was she showing some major size upgrades. Again, her tummy looked to have taken more of the new weight than her boobs, which was kind of ominous, don't you think? I mean the tits were the only redeeming part of getting fat! It wasn't anywhere near the level of gain that they had seen the last time they'd measured, but it was there, just barely visible.

She stripped down to her underwear and the rest of the group did likewise. More accurate measurements and all that. Julia knew her spare tire was steadily being inflated, so that was the first place she checked. Before, she had clocked in at thirty-seven inches, but it was clearly a bit more now. It had pumped up about a half an inch, and her ass had done the same. Her tits were the same as before, steady at forty-five, but now the rest of her was catching up.

Bri hadn't changed size at all, so they moved on to Megan. Megan had been the last of Sarah's friends to cave, but when she did give in, she'd more than just stopped the diet like Julia and Bri had done. No, Megan did what she normally did and tried to comfort herself over having gone off the diet. If you remember, that exact mentality was why her last diet ended up with her eighteen pounds heavier.

See. when she craved something but was on a diet, she didn't try to let go of that craving, she just stored it up until she was off the diet, then she was free to eat whatever she wanted, until she couldn't possibly eat anymore. She'd been off the diet for only two days but had somehow packed on more than Julia, who had barely started before she quit. And judging by looks, a lot more.

Julia's gut jutted out over her panties but looked solid, and her ass may have been a bit bigger, but It's not like it was that obvious. Megan was very obviously flabbier than before. Every step she took was sending shock waves resonating up and down her legs. Her gut looked softer than before, and her panties were digging into her sides ever-so-slightly, giving her a brand new muffin top.

Actually, it looked like most of the pudge was settling around her waist again. Not as obviously as before, her ass definitely was looking bigger, but there were new rolls of fat along her side now. Yeah, those definitely weren't there last time. They were small right now, but they could, and probably would, grow. Especially if she didn't get her diet under control.

On second thought, she should probably just stay off of diets in general. They always make her fat. Megan's tits were the same size, thirty-four inches, but her midsection was obviously pushing out further, a suspicion confirmed by the measuring tape. Thirty-six and a half inches. An inch and a half bigger than before.

Oh well, no need to focus on that, how much fatter was her ass now? Megan had a title to uphold as the school's officially designated fatass! Well, it seemed she wouldn't be losing THAT title as long as she kept gaining weight. Forty-seven inches. A whole 'nother inch in just the last week. Sarah would be amazed at how much food that would mean if she hadn't eaten at least that much just yesterday.

Then it was Sarah’s turn. How much fatter had yesterday made her? She knew for sure that she hadn't lost much, if any, weight from her time on the diet, so the increase had to be from yesterday, nothing else. Where had she gained though? Her ass felt a little fatter, but then it was definitely getting harder to bend in the middle! She wasn't sure which had gained the most, but she could only wish it was her ass.

"If I can't be skinny, an hourglass figure is the second-best thing. And the way things are looking, I'll never be skinny again." She caught herself and started saying “No, don't think that way, I WILL be skinny soon.

She kept repeating the last mantra over and over again in her head, almost like thinking it would make it happen.

Megan handed Sarah the tape and it was go time. She had to hear the bad news, and she knew it would be bad. Tits first, since she could tell pretty easily they hadn't changed much if at all. And they hadn't, which was bad news in Sarah's mind. She knew she'd gained weight, that was kind of obvious and inevitable considering how much she'd eaten last night, but now she had undeniable proof that NONE of that fat had gone to the one place it's socially acceptable.

Obviously, it had all gone elsewhere. Next Sarah went to see her hips measurement, praying that's where most of the weight had gone because like I said, she felt hourglass is better than anything besides thin. And there was definitely developments there. One and a half inches worth of development, to be precise.

Praying she hadn't gotten any wider at the waist, she pulled the tape around to get the news that was absolutely crushing to her. Thirty inches. Two and a half inches more than before. She looked long and hard into the mirror, trying to wrap her mind around the idea of having a thirty inch waist. God, it was less than a year ago her waist was only twenty-four inches! Thirty inches always seemed so HUGE, and now that's what she was! She officially had love-handles!

She wasn't too far off from an undeniable spare tire either. About ten pounds, I'd reckon. She tried to convince herself she was just still bloated from her breakfast, but looking in the mirror, she really couldn't believe that. She looked soft and pudgy, not bloated and bulging. Well, she was bulging, but it was very clearly fat, not food.

Well what now to do? They sure couldn't go do what they normally did to comfort themselves, that would just make things WORSE! Well, that'd never stopped them before, but this was a different kind of thing to them. Well to Megan, Sarah and Julia anyway. Bri was the same, so she just kept on snacking while the other girls were bemoaning their bloated bodies.

And she didn't stop. It got to the rest of the girls, how much Bri was enjoying her food while they were feeling miserable. Eventually, they couldn't take it anymore and they dug in with Bri, barely trying at all to restrain themselves. The food tasted good and it made them feel better, who CARED if the feeling only lasted a little while, then turned into even MORE reasons to hate their bodies? Treat the symptom, not the cause and all that.

Sarah ate more than the rest. Her hourglass was slowly slipping away, she would have to return to school on Monday a laughing stock, a new fatty to make fun of. Looked like today was turning out to be a pretty big cheat day after all! Now she didn't eat anywhere NEAR as much as the night before, she still had SOME semblance of restraint, but that really didn't mean too much.

They were in Megan's house again, and her family had somehow yet again, replenished their massive stores of calorie laden snack cakes. They weren't even reading the labels at the start. Big mistake. Megan's brother Alan was trying to bulk up for football, and he was keeping a pack of protein bars in a cupboard. There were about ten left, and the girls didn't even glance at the label. Each girl had at LEAST two, but in Megan and Sarah's case, three. And they'd never know that they'd just consumed more than 1200 calories in only about four minutes.

In total, the comforting only lasted about fifteen minutes in the end before the girls got a hold of themselves and restrained themselves. The house was still absolutely loaded with more calorie-loaded snacks, which boded badly for Megan who'd have to come back to this at the end of the day, but for the moment, they felt proud of themselves for actually holding themselves back from finishing off every item of food in the house.

Now Sarah had one day to fast, to try to look a bit thinner when she faced the judgment of the entire school.

(Continued in post 21 of this thread)

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