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Originally Posted by blubrluvr View Post
I have the right to speak my mind. I REFUSE to let someone call me "abnormal" or have people take a patronizing attitude toward my "condition". I'm different. That's all. Our personality type was given a label (only a few decades ago I might add) and that has done little more than feed the stigma. Frankly, I consider our traits to be downright DESIRABLE. We often excel at logic, mathematics and analytical thinking. We're honest, sometimes brutally so, but we need more honesty in the world IMHO. Labeling us as having a disorder is arrogant and dehumanizing. I have the right to express my opinion when I say I believe we have been unfairly labeled by those in the psychological profession. They don't understand us. They can't. They're not like us. They are guilty of the same crime as as any group that considers itself superior. And they *DO* consider themselves superior IMHO. They don't relate to us. They see us as different and therefore "abnormal". Who are they to set the standard for what a human personality should be like?
If you actually excelled at logic as much as you say you do, then you would realize that your original theory about there being any correlation between aspergers and being an FA is completely ridiculous and unfounded.

Also, your claims that you yourself have Aspergers Syndrome and that this gives you the right to spout ridiculous hogwash is exactly the reason that so many people have poor impressions of people with Aspergers. It is not a license to be a jerk. I have known many people with Aspergers who, while they may be socially awkward or have difficulty dealing with other people, are entirely capable of understanding basic concepts of civility and functioning as productive members of society.

I find it interesting that as soon as someone tells you that you should not use your Aspergers diagnosis as cart blanc to blurt out imbecilic drivel, you suddenly start complaining that "liberals" are "censoring" you. Whatever is wrong with you, I do not think that Aspergers explains it.
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