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Hey guys, I just feel like I should put in my two cents as this is one of the few topics that I've read in which I actually have something useful to say. My dad, brother, sister, and I all have Aspergers syndrome. I have been attracted to bigger women for as long as I can remember. My sister has dated quite a few large fellows and is now married to a pretty big guy. Though my brother and dad have never come right out and said anything about it, I've been quite certain for a few years that they are both FA's as well just because of some comments that they have made about passing women etc.

I agree that there is a good possibility that Aspies have a tendency to favour large men/women over non-Aspies. This does not mean however, that you HAVE to be an Aspy in order to be an FA (just thought I'd clarify as some people in the thread seem to have gotten the idea that this is what the OP was suggesting).

Thanks for the thread! I've never actually noticed this before now, but now that I think about it it actually does make quite a bit of sense
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