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Sarah Part Sixteen

For the first time in her life, Sarah actually stuck to her diet, if only for one day. All day Sunday, she managed to hold herself back from eating anything even remotely fattening.

Monday though, you'd have been hard-pressed to note any real changes resulting from her success. She still struggled to squash her curves into her clothes and was STILL stretching the seams almost to their limits.

To say she was disheartened would be an understatement. If starving myself doesn't help, I guess I'm just destined to be fat! I might as well just give up, won't make a difference! With that thought, she helped herself to the remains of the cake she'd baked for Friday. Why not stop by Dunkin' Donuts too?

On the inside, she knew how unreasonable and ridiculous that whole thing was, but it still dominated almost all of her day. Why not pig out? It's not like I'll ever be thin again anyways

For starters, she stopped by Dunkin' Donuts. Got a dozen glazed, only about half of which survived the drive all the way to school.

The welcome to school was as cold and petrifying as she'd thought it would be, but somehow, on a full stomach, it seemed a little less so. She stopped by the vending machines in between her classes to stock up on candy bars and sodas. I mean, if she was destined to be fat the rest of her life, she might as well KEEP that full stomach. . .

She got more than a few glares from the other cheerleaders, especially from Jade, who it turned out had NOT broken her leg, just severely sprained her ankle. Sarah was worried about just how and when Jade might exact her revenge. It wasn't a question of IF she would, Sarah knew Jade well enough to know that. Jade wasn't exactly a forgiving sort of girl.

And she knew without even listening that the whole school was talking about her. Well, I say without listening, but the fact was that she had been listening at first, but had stopped pretty quickly when she heard herself referred to as “that fat, nasty cheerleader with the massive ass.”

Her self-esteem was low enough without that kind of humiliation. To comfort herself, she did the one thing she knew worked. She drowned herself in as much food as possible.

Megan and Julia tried to keep to a reasonable diet during lunch, but, well, with Sarah going at it top speed, their diets really didn't stand much of a chance.

Still operating on the thought that she'd never lose any weight, Sarah abandoned any kind of restraint and, after a few minutes and praying no one would notice, she unbuttoned her jeans with no hope of getting them closed again. she thought about that and thought a few seconds.

Why do I even care? I mean, what's the point of pretending to still be skinny? It made no sense, but still, she didn't want to LOOK like such a fatass. . .

She failed at that. She was hoping no one notice her unbuttoning her pants, but they did, and that gave Jade just the opportunity she'd been waiting for.

She wasn't confrontational about it, she didn't speak directly to Sarah, but she definitely wasn't trying to keep her opinions quiet. On the contrary, she spoke as loudly as possible, making sure Sarah could hear.

“Look at her over there! I swear she's TRYING to get as fat as possible!” She was saying as loud as possible to the sympathetic crowd surrounding her. "She keeps that up, she's gonna be something like 500 pounds by the end of the year, you watch and see!”

Listening to all this hurt, but Sarah was totally powerless in this situation! She couldn't just walk up and start telling Jade off for talking about her. I mean, SHE was the reason Jade was off the cheerleading squad and hobbling around on crutches! All those people would hate her even more than they already DID! She knew how it was, she knew how much people hated her and one thing she knew for sure, and that was that she did NOT want make it worse for herself!

Jade wasn't done, albeit making her point with gross exaggertion.

“You remember her last year? She was, like, the hottest chick in the school! She's a total COW now! You see her eating? I think she's had like, ten plates by now! I think she's finally given up trying to look skinny, thank Goodness. Seriously, did she think he was fooling anyone with that?”

Someone said something about what Sarah had done to her cheerleading uniform, and that started Jade off again.

“I tell you one thing, it's a good thing that bitch quit! I swear, if she stayed on, they'd need a friggin' CIRCUS tent to cover her ass by the end of the season!” Jade paused while her audience laughed at that. “Probably going to need one anyway, but at least she won't be on the field in it! Biggest embarrassment we probably ever had! That fatass made the whole SCHOOL look bad! And puttin' her tits out for everybody to see? What the heck was that all about? Seriously, what the heck, she honestly think that'd hide how fat she's been getting? Probably, I mean that bitch is a fatass AND a dumbass!”

That wasn't the end of it. Jade kept going and going and going, talking about everything Sarah had done, trying to get out of practicing cheer stunts, about how she had been telling the other girls to do exercises while she just stood around eating candy bars, about how she skipped the running after every single practice.

Sarah was listening quietly, fighting back tears but her friends came to her rescue.

“Don't worry so much, we've all been there.” Megan started. “Besides, you've only had two bowls of ice cream, that's not too bad. . .”

“Four.” Sarah corrected.

“Okay four, but that's still not too bad, compared to the rest of us!”

Julia joined in. “She's just jealous anyway. Look at her, what's she got an A-cup? She looks like a ten year old BOY!”

Bri finally spoke up. “Really, you're not even getting that fat! You're just getting. . . Curvier. You want to see FAT, look at the rest of us! Me and Julia are over 200 and Megan's getting' there pretty fast! (Sorry Megan, but you got to admit it's true) At least YOU'VE still got an hourglass going for you!”

“Yeah, but what good's THAT doing for me? I'm DISGUSTING now! I mean, I'm thinking there's not one guy in this school who who would go for a total fatass like me.”

“Well that's 'cause you're not LOOKING hard enough,” Megan interjected. Trust me, there's PLENTY of guys checking out your ass in the halls. You just don't notice them.”

That thought, and her friends' support made Sarah feel a BIT better, but it wasn't really enough. She still felt horrible. Part of it, she thought, was definitely guilt, but she couldn't shake Jade's words out her head. Why HAD she let herself get like this? The HOW wasn't in question, her stuffed belly and unbuttoned pants explained that, but WHY? Why couldn't she stop herself eating like a pig? I mean YEAH, she'd always eaten like that to some extent but she couldn't deny it was worse than ever. Just in this one semester she'd gained THIRTY-TWO POUNDS, probably a few more since that weigh in, and the semester was only halfway done!

Something have to change if she didn't want to be somewhere around 250 pounds come graduation. She'd have to get her eating under control, that was first on the list.

No more fast food from this point on! Now she thought about it, she'd probably only ever stopped by Dunkin' Donuts three times before this year. Now she couldn't go a WEEK without at least one visit? What was WRONG with her?

This line of thinking kept her occupied all of class, but after that, she had other things to think about. First off, because she'd quit cheerleading, she was placed into a PE course. She'd never been in one of these. She had NO idea what to expect. All she knew about the course was from her friends complaints about how hard it was, how irritating, how much they hated having to take it. But sports were a required credit here so the only option they had was to skip it. Which they did on a regular basis, a fact their flabby physiques exhibited.

Sarah's first PE class was rough right from the star, it got worse. A lot worse. Even getting DRESSED was a problem! The shorts they gave her were a little bit too small, so it took a bit of a struggle to get them over her huge hips, then she had to introduce herself to the coach. Well she didn't HAVE to, he recognized her straight off, but she was SUPPOSED to. Normally this would be no problem for her, she liked talking to new people and all, but today was not a normal day. Actually this whole YEAR wasn't shaping up to be normal.

There was ONE benefit to this class though. She had been assigned to the same coach as Julia, so there was a silver lining, no matter how tiny. It made her feel better about her undersized gym shorts, too, watching Julia cram herself into hers, and seeing the muffin top they left. The shirt they had to wear didn't do anything to flatter her either.

Was it ALWAYS that tight on her? Couldn't have been could it? I mean it was almost skin-tight now! You could COUNT how many fat rolls she had! You could SEE her belly-button through the fabric!

Then again, she couldn't really say anything. Her shirt was okay, if a little tight around her tits, but that was NOTHING compared to Julia. Her bra, which had looked dangerously stretched last time Sarah had seen it, was making the above-the-waist equivalent of a panty-line. Considering how tight that thing was looking, the was a bit worried. There was a definite danger of her tits popping out during class.

Well at least the shirt wasn't low cut or anything like that, though if the creepy old man they had for a coach had his way, they probably WOULD be. Pretty much every girl in the class had some kind of undersized clothing, probably so he could get his jollies, or at least that's what most everyone figured. She had to stop herself [I] No, it'll be okay, that bra will last all practice. Definitely. I'm just getting all worked up about something that won't happen.[i]

As long as the assignment wasn't running, Sarah figured, Julia would be okay. Even if it WAS, Sarah wasn't sure Julia could run fast enough to bounce out anyway. Then again, she'd never seen Julia run, period. Maybe she was fast and Sarah just didn't know it. She hoped not because SHE definitely wasn't fast and she'd really prefer to be running WITH someone instead of all alone. Then there was the fact that Julia wasn't even wearing any kind of sports bra. [I/]Probably because they don't MAKE them in her size.[i]

Well there was ONE thing Sarah knew for a fact. Julia definitely didn't LOOK fast. . .

Sarah was partially right. Julia wasn't THAT fast. She was actually faster than Sarah by a long shot, but that really wasn't saying much these days. . . Even during her thinner days Sarah had never been much of a runner.

Julia did the nice thing and ran slowly, partially to keep Sarah company, mostly to keep her boobs secure. And for twenty minutes they ran, well, walked quickly, well, walked faster than normal, well, they tried to. At least like that there was no threat of popping out. They made their way around the basketball court twice before coach called everyone up.

Time to change exercises. A bit worrying, but Julia was thinking positive, hoping for the best. Her hopes were crushed quickly. Julia's face fell when he got around to telling them what they'd be doing next. Jump rope. Her bra had so far succeeded in keeping her contained but this? There was no WAY she'd stay in! She wondered briefly if that's what coach was thinking, that creepy pervert. She was pretty sure he'd been watching her all class, so that wasn't too unlikely.

There weren't enough jump ropes for everyone, so they all had to get into groups of two and take turns exercising. Sarah and Julia matched up right away, both of them knowing the horrible end this might have for Julia. Sarah volunteered to go first and tried her best to stretch out her time as long as possible. They proceeded to put this plan into action, and it was going well. Until coach noticed. He walked over and started talking to the two of them.

“Look I know you're new here, but one thing you need to know. We take turns. Watching you jump rope does Julia here no good, so hand over the jump rope.”

So she did and Julia was in the spotlight. Because of the way the coach had singled the two of then out, the whole class it seemed like, was staring at Julia intently, thinking the same thing. No way she's gonna get through this without busting out of that bra!

Julia looked around at the group, trying to get her mind around what this could mean for her. Every girl in the room was looking at her judgmentally, every guy, lustfully. Coach didn't notice, he was too busy staring himself.

It was almost paralyzing, being on display like this. Julia realized that this was probably how Sarah had been feeling all semester long. It was weird, she realized. All semester, she and the rest of the group had been obsessed with how fat Sarah had been getting, but she'd never even considered what it was like for her on a daily basis.

Sure, every Friday, they'd seen how she tried to make up for her tummy by playing up her boobs but this was different. This wasn't a one-time-a-week deal. She shook herself off that and back to the moment at hand. What the heck, they're going to be watching and judging no matter WHAT happens. I might as well give them SOMETHING to see.

She felt like her bra would PROBABLY make it through this, but she definitely wasn't sure. Her boobs had fallen out of her bras plenty of times, and it didn't feel like any of those times. Her boobs were a bit too big for her bra, but it wasn't THAT much. Yeah, normal setting this would be just fine. This was not a normal setting. She'd never been hopping up and down like she was about to, in a bra this tight. DEFINITELY never done it in this public a setting. This was going to be completely new for her. And she was terrified.

With that thought, she took the gamble and jumped. Once. Then twice. She couldn't keep any kind of rhythm, but then most of the girls around her couldn't. That was a bit of comfort, but not much. She kept jumping, once, twice, three times, and so on, while her classmates stared, transfixed by this flabby woman bounced up and down, jiggling like mad.

As you would expect, the effects were most obvious in her boobs, but it wasn't JUST her tits doing the wobbling. As the class watched, her belly was scrunched up by the massive weight of her breasts coming down on it, and when she paused, the jiggling kept going, reverberating along her midsection. She was careful not to bounce TOO quickly, trying to reduce the chances of her tits breaking free of their prison, but with their size, it was looking like breaking out was more an inevitability than a possibility. Some watched hopefully, others judgmentally, but everyone watched closely.

Her bra put up a heroic fight, all the way until about twenty minutes to the end of class, but it had to happen eventually. The whole class, they'd been working their way up over the tops of the bra cups, and with one final jump, they were loose. They didn't come out of her shirt, but anyone could recognize that it happened. Most of the class saw it, especially since more than half the class was watching her closely the whole time.

Her face turned a bright red, and she ran full-speed to the locker room, giving the boys in the gym even MORE to watch. Every step, her overly-tight gym shirt clung tight to her chest, showing every single jiggle, every single bounce as she ran. It hurt, running bra-less across the gym but she just HAD to get out of there.

Sarah cringed at the sight, thinking about how much it would hurt HER to do that and her tits weren't NEARLY as big. She ran as quickly as possible after Julia to try and comfort her. Julia had done that for her plenty of times now, it was time to return the favor.

When she walked in, Julia was trying, and failing, to force herself back into her clothes. She'd just managed to get her tits back into their canvas cage, but she was struggling to button her jeans. She'd had a pretty serious muffin top all day long, and now, as exhausted, sweaty and out-of-breath as she was, she just couldn't get them fastened. Sarah couldn't relate to anything else that had happened to Julia, but this was common territory. There really wasn't much she expect could offer- Julia had been dealing with these kinds of problems a lot longer, and probably knew a lot more little tricks, little secrets to help her in cramming her bloated body into old clothes.

Already Sarah was a bit impressed that Julia had gotten as far as she had, but now, her flabby, fleshy gut was getting in the way of the button. And was it her imagination or was it already looking fatter than it did on saturday? Nah, it's only MONDAY, she can't have gained that much weight in just one day!

Then she thought back to some of the days she'd had in the last few months. Okay, so it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE, but it was hard and took a lot of eating. She had to wonder about the same thing she'd been asking of herself all day,

Why would she DO that to herself? She shook herself out of that quickly Okay, that's not important, back on track, FOCUS Sarah.

Julia was still battling her button, and Sarah thought to all her recent pants problems. Julia would have already done everything she could think of, but this gave her an opening into Julia's problem, so she took it.

“Try leaning back against something and trying again, that usually helps.” she suggested quietly, knowing without asking that OF COURSE she had.

She was not disappointed. “Do you SERIOUSLY think I haven't tried that already? That's like the OLDEST trick in the book! Just shut up okay? You don't have ANY idea how much this sucks! NOTHING is working!”

Julia sounded like she was about to cry. She took a breath then started again, “I'm getting HUGE! These pants are 18s and I can't button them! My tits are pouring out the tops of an E-CUP! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? IT MEANS I'M TURNING INTO A COW!”

Julia couldn't hold it back any more, and finally broke down into tears. “This is it. I give up. I'm just going to keep on blowing up like a blimp. No point trying to deny it anymore.”

Sarah had to break in here, hearing the thoughts she'd had this morning being thrown back at her like this. Friday, she'd made enemies, but that was a different kind of horrible. That one, she couldn't really do much about, but this one; this one she could help.

But she had to calm Julia down first. “I'm just trying to help you here, okay? You need to take a second, alright? Relax. Take a deep breath okay? You need to calm yourself down a bit. All this actually proves is that you have an amazing, gigantic rack. You're not a cow, you're just one hell of a woman. Did you see how many guys were checking you out while you were jumping? Those tits are one of a kind!”

“Yeah but LOOK at this belly! It's getting-” Julia began.

Sarah broke in before Julia could finish her thought -

“It really isn't as bad as you think; it's all in your head. Just calm down. You couldn't see the guys checking you out while you were running, but let me tell you, there wasn't a single one looking anywhere else. I promise you, if you went out there, you could have your choice of guys, even with that tummy – which isn't as big as you think, I'm telling you!”

“Everyone out there looked totally disgusted though-” Julia started, before Sarah interrupted her again.

“-No that was just the girls, and they're all just jealous. Heck, I'M jealous! Seriously, those things are PERFECT.”

“you wouldn't be if you had to deal with THIS!” Julia sighed, gesturing towards her soft stomach, which was looking particularly big, as it was still a bit bloated from lunch, “Tits are sexy. This. . . isn't.”

She reached for her belly and started shaking it around, jiggling to show Sarah just how fat she'd been getting. The two of them watched, transfixed as it kept wobbling for a few seconds after Julia had let go. Julia continued, “How the heck am I supposed to find a guy with THIS?

There was a lull, then Sarah broke the silence. “I don't know, just from the stares I saw Nathan Mills giving you, I don't think it matters too much. . .”

Julia felt horrible,but she had to crack a smile at that. “Yeah right, no WAY that happened!”

She didn't believe Sarah for a second, but just the thought of that made her feel a bit better. I mean, Nathan had been high on her list of hotties in the school for a long time! Not number one on campus, but yeah, definitely way up there. Number three maybe. Or four. Somewhere in the top five.

She was still upset by the whole thing, but Sarah's assurances were working. They made Julia feel a bit better about herself. Not a lot, but enough. Okay, so she was still getting fat, but the idea that at least SOME guys were liking it, even if that was a lie to make her feel better, though she really hoped it wasn't. She was pretty good at reading faces and Sarah looked honest when she said all that, so maybe, just maybe. . .

But no. No chance of that. No WAY a hot guy, no way ANY guy would EVER like a fatty like her. Then again, with tits like THESE. . .

She grabbed hold of them and lifted them a bit, feeling their weight. They were definitely feeling heavier than she remembered. Well at least there's SOMETHING good about being over 200. . .

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