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Default The BBQ (Parts 5) - dmaskedFA (~BBW(mult), Imagery, Eating)

Later that morning the smell of breakfast filled the house, and Lisa was awakened by her belly grumbling. She wiggled and squirmed out of bed like she usually did normally to get out of the bed. Fortunately when Frank built this house he was sure that all of the furniture was reinforced and designed for larger women.

She cradled her belly as she as she waddled to the full length mirror. While some of her expanding girth no doubt was finding its way to her hips, boobs and legs most of her new fat collected in her gut. It had been a long time since she she was able to see her feet simply by looking down. She had to frequently buy new clothes and girdles to accommodate her continually expanding super sized tummy. She now was usually overwhelmed by the sheer size of her belly to get up from the low slung sofas.

However Lisa loved her huge globular belly, and was turned on by how her belly was now so immense. She placed a hand on her stomach and felt the soft billowy fat surge through each finger; she enjoyed the hyper sense of sensitivity that her belly had. She admired with pride the way that it stuck out in front of her perfectly round and bulbous - like she was pregnant, only slightly giving in to the will of gravity. She normally wore the girdle to tame her unruly belly, and support her back, but years of hiding her belly resulted in it looking very pale and pasty looking. Now she felt that she needed to give it some tan, so she could an start properly showing off.

Lisa came waddling ponderously out with a two piece bikini where her belly as it stuck out was fully exposed; she had to put her hands on her huge spare tire in an effort to keep her balance as her enormous untethered belly violently jiggled as she walked out to the sun deck.

Tired, sweating and not used to wielding her own ponderous gut without a girdle, she cradled her belly with her arms the rest of the way.

June was out on the porch sitting on the love seat, with Frank. In a love seat that would normal fit three people her massive ass was taking up most of the love seat, with Frank squeezed in between her massive thighs and the armrest of the love seat. He had placed his arm atop the shelf of her wobbling flesh. Her ass billowed out, making her look like she was sitting on a bean bag chair.

The love seat, along with the rest of the cottage, was overbuilt for June. Her ass always needed a lot of space, outside it was always accidentally touched, shaken, brushed, squeezed against the table or had trouble squeezing through doors, and not to mention that she usually needs a chair without arms, and extra wide

Lisa lumbered out to the porch and fell into the closest chair she found and her belly fell into her lap, consuming all the space, making it disappear. Her vast dome-like belly slowly rose and fell with her labored breathing. she reached down to pull the handle to recline the chair.

Enjoying the rays of warming sunlight, she asked "When is breakfast?"As she reached for some sunscreen .

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