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Part Seventeen

The two girls talked briefly and left as quickly as possible. They didn't want to be caught in the locker room when the rest of the class finished, that was for sure! Julia actually left the locker room with her pants unbuttoned just to make sure they had a clean escape.

Sarah wasn't about to argue. Hey, it got them out of the last fifteen minutes of class, so she was totally fine with this. Considering how that first class had just gone, Sarah needed to find as many reasons as possible to skip gym.

Julia was feeling a tiny bit more confident about her body now, but she was still in dire need of some old-school comforting, a la comfort food. So there was only one thing they could do, one place they HAD to stop by before they got home. Taste of China.

Taste of China was a medium sized Chinese buffet, with one of the best chefs in a hundred miles. It was a little out of the way for both of them, but it was Julia's favorite restaurant. As it was, her self-esteem was raised up a bit after talking to Sarah, but considering where it started, wasn't too good. Solution? Food was the only antidote, so there they were, ready to gorge. They ordered thee buffet, and started gathering what they already KNEW was way too much food for any two people, even such gluttons as themselves.

It took a while, going as fast as they could back and forth from the buffet, but they did it. They had to build up enough food to last them through this after all. I mean, before too long, they'd barely be able to make the move from their table to the serving line! Eh, three trays apiece aught to be enough, right? They started shoveling down hundreds of calories without a second thought. At the end, they leaned back satisfied, their hands resting on their bulging stomachs. Satisfied but not stuffed. They could still eat more and HEY, they hadn't had dessert yet! This was the kind of day dessert was necessity, not choice.

There was an ice cream dispenser in the corner, beside their table, and since they were basically resigning themselves to being forever fatties, why the heck not? Didn't even have to get up, thank God. Sarah wasn't even sure she COULD do that. She could however, reach the ice cream machine well enough to make an ice cream cone, so she made one. Then another. And she didn't stop for a long time. In the end, Julia had downed five ice cream cones, and Sarah, never to be outdone, had eaten seven. As a result, Sarah, unsurprisingly, found getting up out of her chair incredibly hard. Julia did too, but she'd been doing this longer, and she was both less overstuffed and more practiced at it, so she knew she could do it if she tried. She didn't, though. Even though she COULD, she sat there with Sarah for a while, to talk and maybe recover from the binging.

. “And this, is exactly why we're fat.” Julia said, gesturing towards her stomach.

“Well obviously, but come on. That was AMAZING.”

Julia felt she had to bring Sarah down before she went too far that direction. “This is true, but if we keep doing this kind of thing every day, we're gonna look like a couple of Goodyear blimps by the end of the year!”

“Probably, but if I felt like this all the time, I probably wouldn't CARE!”

“You don't mean that.”

“Alright, no I don't, but we might as well enjoy it while we're still skinny.”

This surprised Julia. What the heck? “Still skinny? Are you smoking something Sarah? How on EARTH am I skinny? You just saw my tits bust straight out my bra! You just watched me fighting with my, like, two week old jeans! TWO WEEKS OLD, SARAH, TWO FRIGGIN' WEEKS! And no offense, but you're not too far behind me! Look at us! We're sitting here, eating so much we can't even sit up straight!”

Julia immediately felt bad after that, but she had to get it out there. She half-expected Sarah to break down crying, but Sarah just sat there quietly, no reaction visible on her face. Julia's words stung a little bit , but then, Sarah knew everything Julia had just said was true. This was her chance to say what she'd been thinking all day, and she took it. She hesitated before she started talking. “Well, judging by how hard it is for either of us to lose weight, I'm thinking we're both probably the skinniest we'll ever be.” She paused to get an idea Julia's reaction. She felt weird, saying this after what had just happened in the locker room. “Well I probably am, I don't know about you.” She finished.

She regretted it immediately after she saw the look on her friend's face. Her face showed every thought going through her head, clear as day. She wasn't upset, not really angry, but the idea that she would just be a fatty her whole life? She couldn't accept that. Not right now. Not after all that. One of them had to stand up, get something started. This was NOT okay. The idea of just giving in was tempting, but. . . “No. No we are not. Sarah, we are going to lose this weight. Together. Okay, starting tomorrow morning,we're on a diet.” She sounded more confident than she felt. Weren't they ON a diet?

Sarah picked up another piece of pizza and bit into it before she responded. Eating like this was fun, she didn't want to give it up QUITE this soon! I mean she wasn't even that BIG yet! She looked down at herself, and began rubbing her stomach a bit to relieve it. What do I weigh now? She question crossed her mind for a split second as she struggled to come up with some kind of reasonable excuse to put off the diet until later. Then one came to her. “Well, my cousin's having a birthday party this Friday, and there is NO WAY I'm gonna miss out on some of Aunt Kelly's cake.”

“Well, when you think we should start?

Sarah went quiet for a second, thinking about the question. Saturday she was going up to see her grandma, so that was off the table. And who starts things on Sundays? Only one choice. “Ummmmm. . . Monday sound good to you?”

“Monday it is. Probably for the better anyways. I got a family reunion. I don't know if you noticed when we were clearing out my house, but my family can COOK. Not just my mom either. Your Aunt Jill? Imagine five of her, cooking like ten different things. I doubt I could go the whole weekend without going off the diet anyways. Probably going to be five pounds fatter by Monday. Okay you're right, five pounds IS an exaggeration, but I'm telling you. Not far off.”

“Well, might as well get to the diet after all that. Then we won't have to deal with trying NOT to make a pig out of ourselves at these kinds of things.” Sarah said, trying to rationalize making a pig out of herself at the party. I mean, why would they bring cake and ice cream if they didn't expect people to eat it? And Sarah NEVER wasted food.

Without hesitation, and secretly relieved, Julia fired back, “Probably right. I don't know about you, but I just couldn't POSSIBLY say no to one of Meemaw's brownies!”

After today's gym class, Julia wanted desperately to lose some fat, but she was as resistant to dieting as ever, so any reason to put it off until later? Good. And now, if this diet never got started and they both kept getting fatter, she could always lay the blame on Sarah. She'd never do it out loud of course, after everything Sarah'd been through with cheerleading, after seeing how the whole school was treating her after Friday and ESPECIALLY now she'd gotten a small taste of how Sarah's life had been the past few weeks when she had been singled out in gym, but in the back of her mind, she could blame at least a tiny bit of her fatness on Sarah. It wasn't much but it was comfort enough.

They talked a bit longer, about how seemed like Sarah's entire family was completely ignoring just how fat she'd gotten, speculating about what Jade might be planning, complaining about Coach and how creepy he was. The conversation slowly turned to how the school was reacting to Sarah's new size, and Julia told her all about the fan club that was popping up around Sarah's newly-enlarged rear. This was the first Sarah had heard about this.

“Seriously?” She asked, “There's a bunch of guys checking out my ass when I'm walking down the hall?”

“Are you kidding? You can't be serious. No way you've missed all that. Tim Lancaster? He's the worst about it. I swear that boy goes out of his way to see as much of your ass as possible!”

Sarah tended to stutter a bit when she was surprised, and this counted. Disbelieving, she started babbling, “Tim? Okay now your just messing with me! Tim? Oh don't. . . Don't even lie about something like that, that's just, just terrible,you know how I am!” Tim was a crush Sarah'd been harboring since tenth grade, but he'd never shown interest so she'd halfway given up on him. She wanted it to be true, and she couldn't exactly see what guys were behind her when she walked down the hallway. So maybe, just maybe she's telling the truth. . .

They kept talking for about ten minutes, about guys, about food, about teachers, just about whatever came to mind until Sarah felt she'd digested enough to walk. Then they waddled to their cars and went their separate ways, both stuffed to the brim with pizza, both feeling a little better about how fat they'd both gotten over the last year, and both feeling good about their (hopefully thinner) future.

Sarah felt particularly good about everything. Things were about to get rough. She knew it. She knew Jade, and turning the whole school against Sarah wasn't enough revenge for her. More was coming, but at least she knew she had friends to back her up. Besides, all things considered, nothing Jade could do could POSSIBLY be worse than what had just happened to Julia!
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