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Default Experience "Wow I Got Fat" Quite Often

Brenda, I am surprised often at how fat I am just like you. I have slowly gained 125 lbs. over a decade as well and I think the slow but steady weight gain leads to these everyday surprises. Even though I have leveled off around 300 lbs, it seems that my belly and overall size keeps expanding. I wear shirts that just a few months ago fit nicely and suddenly I look down and the buttons are almost ready to burst and my belly is sticking out through the gaps. And I think to myself, "Jeez, I am getting really fat".

I have the same reaction when I catch a glimpse of myself in a large picture window while walking down the street. I am continually amazed at how big I am and it always conflicts with what I believe I look like which is always significantly smaller. Going to a concert and a play over the weekend and discovering the seats in both are getting really tight is another surprise indicator and the thought crosses my mind again "Man, I am getting really fat!" And I am often surprised when I look in the mirror and discover my double chin becoming even more prominent. I must admit these fat discoveries are bit of a turn-on and I find myself ever more aroused by the thought of growing fatter.
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