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Originally Posted by Librarygirl View Post

The future is bright and enough is enough! True friends are consistent, always there, caring and don't make excuses, use you or try to make you feel bad when you express yourself and are open with them. When people act in such a way, it is about them and not about you. You can but feel sorry for someone who is so messed up that would react to the offer of true love and friendship in this way.
I guess however kind a person you are, there comes a point when you see a person's true colours and realise you can't let them FUCK up your own happiness.
I agree. It is sad that he is responding this way about his feelings. Sounds like to me he did not have the courage to acknowledge them and he does not know how to handle it. Things happen for a reason and most of the time it works out for the best. Keep your head up.
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