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I've also never been tiny, but i realised just how BIG i'd gotten when i was 17, and i'd reached a size 26 in Australian sizings, and realised that if i got bigger, i wouldn't even be able to even shop in the larger womens clothing stores. I then dropped to a size 18 - 20, but over the past year i've put on another 30 kilos, thanks to my fiances amaaazing cooking, i'm back up to a size 22, but i don't feel bad about it, i just feel... slightly less confident sitting on outdoor lawn chairs lol. I first noticed the weight gain the second time round when i was looking at photos of myself and my fiance from the beginning of our relationship, up to now, and i was like, geez, we both gained heaps! Neither of us even really noticed. But between us we would have put on about 70 kilos over the time we've been together. I don't think you notice weight gain in yourself so much when it's slow. It's not until other people around you point it out, or that gorgeous tight black skirt that you used to love wearing out suddenly doesn't fit you quite so flatteringly and you're like... hmmm... i don't think this just shrunk in the wash...
I do miss that skirt.
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