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finallyfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesfinallyfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesfinallyfat can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Feeders who get fat

Over time I've noticed many feeders who became or are becoming fat. They seem to be of a type, like me, the tall and thin sort. It's fun to watch the progression pictures over the years and notice recently the "Feeders got fat" trend.

Myself as the example: I've been thin all along while fat billowed around me and in my wake. I fattened so many girls through the '70s, '80s & '90s (half) but I remained thin. A 34" waist. I ate well- I am a glutton who encourages gluttony- the food never became fat for me. Oh how my girl friends envied my diet! Eat what I ate and you're going to get fat fast. I've eaten that way for 40 years. In the midst of spectacular fat blooms over the decades and all around me, I've stayed thin. And I know how to make fat.

I'm a very fattening man who has learned how to select and prepare all foods for maximum caloric value. I'm a feeder. Other feeders know this art. All the girl-friends of my youth blew up with fat suddenly and gleefully. Girls love to eat. You just gotta deliver that food and ensure that what does get eaten is as completely calorically enhanced as it can be.

I know how to set a table. I keep our kitchen tuned to fat. I'm married now. My bride of 17 years got real fat. She loves to eat. Here's why she is always gaining weight: In the refrigerator: Butter. Butter. Always spare heavy creams. Selection of Haagen Daz in the freezer. Juices in the door. 800 cal/bottle v water? Juice for all thirst! Pastas. Cheeses. Nutella. Nutella. Every meal is as fattening as possible. It's the only way I know how to prepare food. It's how I eat.

So now I'm getting fat. Began Jan. this year. I added an item to my own menu- Heavy Cream. I've raised my gut threshold to a pint a day. So I'm eating just like my 340 lb wife every day and night plus I'm drinking my Creams.

In what seems to be overnight I've blown out from my regular 235 lbs 01/12 at 6'2" to 265 lbs 07/12. Just in the last month I've outgrown everything. My waists are too tight so I habitually unbutton now. I've grown a very fat spare tire that feels so good bulging out from behind me. Lower back rolls are beginning to stack on some newly puffing ass fat. Both tubes of fat blow up and around my sides in tendrils of exploratory fatness. My new fat gets a toe-hold and swells up in side-fat pillows. Creases of fat expand to fat rolls on either side of my belly. My fat is embracing me where each fat tube joins my distended belly. There, the fat tubes swell into pillows and layers of rising and spreading fat across my stuffed belly. I'm not getting one of those bowling ball fat guts many guys get. My fat is spreading. My thighs are fattening. My ass is sticking out and widening. My belly is getting fat. Beautifully fat. My arms are showing fat. But it's my spare tire at my hips that makes it so nice to be getting fat. It's such a fat fat roll. I love it.

Whoever sees me now must think, "He's really gone to fat this summer". They're right. I've gone to fat. 40 years of feeding and not getting fat are over. The fat found me. I love it. I'm getting fat. Really fast!

I've loved fat all my life. Now I'm going to live it. I'm getting sooo fat. My whole world, not just the better half of it, is going to get fat.

All I touch, my wife and I, fat. All I feel on us, fat. It's my obsession.

Everything got fat. Now I'm going to eat.
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