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In my haste to get going, I nearly up-ended my soda all over my playstation, next to my PC. I gulped down the rest as I walked through the hall, tossed the empty into the kitchen and grabbed my wallet and keys.

“Leaving already?” my dad asked through his newspaper.

“Yup, change of plans. The extended edition is longer, so we’re starting earlier. Such a responsible group we are.” I said putting my arm through the sleeve of my hoodie.

“Future leaders of our great nation,” he said.

I made a quick b-line for the bathroom and did a quick hit with the cologne.

Not too much, ‘just enough to detect’ Sara had said.

I shut the door on my mom in mid-sentence, as usual going to ask some benign question my father could have answered and hopped in my car.

Her house wasn’t far away and I had been there many times, albeit with larger groups. Her parents were cool and let us drink if we wanted to. Controlled, but not out of control. They were cool.

I pulled up and walked up the walkway and rung the bell.


I saw the curtain pull back from beside the door and then. Jen opened was there, framed in the door way. She leaned to one side, hand on the side of the door in one of those model poses.

Her face was plain with very little make-up, her hair pulled back in a pony tail with two strands tucked in behind her ears. She was wearing jeans that looked perhaps a bit too snug in the bum and around her waist. She had on a light green top that showed off her cleavage and hugged her body nicely, showing off her slightly increased figure. She wore a studded belt with a large buckle that caused her fat to form around it. She looked very very cute.

“Come in, plop your hoodie over there,” she said as I walked past her and kicked off my shoes onto the floor beside.

“Pizza should be here in a few minutes. Can you start up the dvd player?”

“Sure thing,” I said entering her basement through the kitchen and into the den. Secretly relieved I hadn’t gotten yet another erection as I took in her stunning form.

Her dad had a huge plasma television and very comfy couches. The foot rest that was more a large chest for keeping blankets in front of the couch was already laid out with two paper plates and two cans of Coke. Coke…

I went to the television and got it all set up when I heard the doorbell ring from above; heard some discussion and then the smell of pizza accompanied Jennifer down the stairs.

“That’s 10 bucks please.” She said with a laugh, her hand outstretched like a waiter expectant for the receipt booklet.

“Geez, what’d you get? Deluxe?” I said slapping the ten into her hand.

She slid it into her jeans pocket and I noticed that she had not one, but two pizza boxes.

“Apparently this was a deal week or something. I thought I was getting one, but the delivery dude said it was a twofer.”

“Cool.” I said going back to the TV and finished turning on the surround sound.

Secretly, I wanted to see where she would sit so that I wouldn’t make it too obvious I was that into her.

She had chosen to sit more or less in the middle of the sofa. It looked like we’d be pretty snug around that foot rest. She had opened the first box and took out two pieces, folded them over like a sandwich and began to chew.

I tried not to stare, but damn. She looked hot eating that pizza. She took solid bites and when she chewed it was cute the way her mouth moved. Every now and then, she’d dab at a corner of her mouth with a napkin where the sauce squeezed out.

“Oh man, this is really good today.” She sighed as she leaned forward to open her can of soda.

“Normally they aren’t?” I replied sitting next to her, a comfortable but friendly distance away of half a foot or so, to her left and took a slice for myself.

Indeed it was good and I came to find out that she ordered from their shop often when her parents are out with dinners and recently; and that the pizza place recently hired a new guy who made them extra good.

“Mom and dad usually have these ‘routine’ dinners that they have to go to. They are always back late and I’m sometimes in bed. They leave me some money for whatever I want, which is usually pizza,” she was now on her third pizza sandwich (6th piece total).

We were a good 30 minutes or so into the movie when she sighed and leaned back.

“Ugh, that was good. Time for a breather.”

I took the opportunity to steal a glance at her. Her cheeks were flushed from the eating and her lips were a bit red from the sauce, which she licked her lips, tongue darting to one side then the other. Hands folded in her lap, her belly now looked much more pronounced, rising and falling with each breath she took. Her shirt had ridden up slightly so that part of her fleshy belly was exposed, pooching out over her belt buckle and the sides of her jeans. So hot.

I suddenly looked up at her and she was staring at me fixedly. (Oh shit. She probably thinks I’m some creeper now).

But she just smiled and scooted a bit closer to me in the sofa. I could feel the warmth coming off her body and was suddenly enveloped in the aroma of a perfume I hadn’t been aware of before.

What was her perfume called? I dunno, whatever it was, I liked it very much.

We were now in the scene of the movie where John Connor and the Terminator must rescue Sara Connor, or something to that effect. Jen and I had cleared away the first box of pizza (her ¾ to my ¼) and had gone through two cans of coke for her and mine (relatively untouched). Coke…

“Want another slice?” she said swapping the boxes so that the full pie box was now on top, the lid already opened and the aroma of tasty pizza filling my nostrils. She had already made another pizza sandwich.

“I think I’ll have one more, but then I’m done.” I looked down at my belly, which protruded slightly. I was conscious of it when I looked down. Sucking it in seemed to make me feel better, so I did that, but I was beginning to get uncomfortable.

“Hah!” She laughed, “I’ve totally eaten more than you have!”

“That’s true, but I’ve already ate dinner tonight. This is like second dinner.”

She reached forward and patted my stomach, “pfft, your belly is soft. There is room for at least two more pieces.”

When she touched me, I felt a tingle of electricity. Even though it was not my nether regions, it may as well have been. I felt my face flush and blood rush into my loins.

“Me on the other hand,” she continued, gesturing to her own belly, “I’m getting pretty hard, feel here.”

And she took my hand in hers and put it on her belly.

Oh. My. God.

I could feel the hardness of her gut underneath my hand. I felt its girth as I let my fingertips wander, but not caress her flesh. Her hand was still on top of mine and I felt a gentle squeeze of pressure, so I continued my examination.


I turned in my seat, movie forgotten, and was transfixed with her belly.

I don’t mind telling you that I felt like time slowed down over the next several seconds. Or were they minutes? I noticed every crease, every bulge and every freckle—even now. Simply amazing what the mind can recall.

Now I could clearly see that she was bulging to the max, her shirt ridden up higher than before, the belt buckle making a little red mark underneath her belly button.

“Hard isn’t it,” she said in a slightly softer voice.

“Yeah, and big too.” I said more to myself than aloud.

We caught each other’s eye and grinned. She leaned back a bit further and with her pizza-free hand, she pulled up her shirt a bit more to expose the rest of her beautiful belly. It looked soft, yet hard. It was round and yet it was firm. I must have had my mouth open, or at least that’s how I imagine the scene looking back now.

As I let my other hand touch her belly, I felt another tingle surge through my body. Jen squirmed back into the couch still further to get more comfortable, and it seemed to me still more of her belly was revealed to me.

“Mmmm, that kinda feels good.” She said, again in that soft voice.

“Y-you like this?” I said looking her in the eye.

She nodded, “mmm hmm.”

I let my hands play with her warm flesh: touching here, feeling there. Cautiously, I let them roam to her sides, feeling each love handle spill over the tops of her jeans. I pinched them slightly and they yielded in my hands.

Suddenly, I felt a pressure on my upper back.


I looked up and saw that Jen was feeding herself the pizza with her free hand while the other had pushed me closer to her belly. An invitation?


I was very hard at this point.

My mind was reeling and wanted to analyze the situation but I willed myself to remain as focused as possible to the task at hand.

The heat coming off her belly was incredible, or maybe it was that now my face was pressed closer to it. She continued to munch away at her pizza, every now and then taking deep breaths and letting a soft moan escape her lips.

I continued to rub my hands all along her belly, my face now so close to her belly that I could almost touch the hard surface with my lips. I could feel my pulse quicken and suddenly it just felt right to kiss her belly.

She did not stiffen, although I paused for a moment myself, but it seemed natural to continue. I began rubbing the sides of her belly and planting little kisses around her belly button. She had an innie which was deep and creased at both sides from her increased weight gain over the last few months.

I was now aware of Jen’s breathing, becoming labored as if she couldn’t catch her breath. I felt her hand run through my hair and pull me upward. And then we kissed.

Explosions went off in my head and I felt like I may be eating her face and she mine. She surprised me when her tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

Wow, so this was French Kissing.

We continued making out, hands beginning to wander, when I began tilting her bloated body sideways so as to lie along the couch. She did not protest.

First we were slightly side-spooning with half of me on top. Very awkward stuff, but then Jen soon spread her legs to admit me. Fearful of crushing her belly, I held myself up with my arms in a sort of push-up position, while her hands wandered across my back, her fingernails raking along my skin.

Her hands began to wander towards my low back, then she grabbed my ass and pulled me close, her legs now wrapped around me. I was sure I was crushing her belly and began to pull back a bit. *plus, my arms were beginning to fatigue*

“I’m crushing your belly,” I gasped, taking in the first full breath in minutes.

“No…I like it.” She gasped, pulling me down again.

Her hands were pulling at the ends of my shirt and we clumsily got it off me. Again, hands wandering I felt hers trace along my back, along the sides, and to my belly.

She began to caress it, circling areas where she could reach, for our bellies were now touching.

I began to feel pulsing pain in my crotch and realized that my erection, going strong was probably going to tear through my denim. Each throb like a ticking clock, counting down to denim destruction.

I could feel her face and body shift slightly and then I felt her hand pass over the outer surface of my jeans and begin to squeeze.

“Oh, you’re so hard.” She said, a half smile playing across her face, eyes slightly mischievous. A lock of her hair had come loose, amplifying her beauty even more that I could have thought possible.

“You’re so sexy.” I said, using the first words that came into my head.

“Yeah?” she said, propping herself up on her elbows and sliding back from under me to the end of the couch.

“Totally.” I said, running my hands through my hair and sitting up a bit taller, my chest rising and falling.

She cocked an eyebrow, “What do you like the most?”

“All if it.” I said, but my eyes were watching her hands fall to her belly and begin to rub it again.

Transfixed, I watched as she let her hands travel to her belt buckle and delicately, slowly thumb the catch a little bit, her belly protruding to fill the new space.

“Do you like my body?” her voice now teasingly soft.

“I love your belly.” I said, letting my hands join hers on her belly and I began rubbing her.

“I’m a bigger girl. I’ve gained some weight…” she said, her eyes searching.

“Well I think your way sexier than you were when you first started working.” I said, the words leaving my mouth in a torrent.

I let my hands wander to her love handles and squeeze them. Our mouths met once more.

Taking her hands in mine, I lifted her to the other end of the couch, with me underneath her now. She was indeed heavy, but so very beautiful. She did not protest as I began to take her shirt off, the stretchy fabric now tight across the upper part of her belly and breasts.

Her shirt now off, Jen leaned back and took out the elastic holding her hair back and it cascaded across her shoulders. I stared at her belly and let my hands wander to its underside.

God it was heavy and I contented myself with scooping it and watching it fall, rippling ever so slightly. I began to poke and pat her belly making it giggle and that made us both laugh.

“Jen you’re amazing.” I said, talking more to her belly than to her.

“I think you’re more in love with my belly than me.” She said playfully, her hands circling her bra which I noticed was black.

“The belly comes with the rest, doesn’t it?” I said with a stab of coyness.

It was enough for her and she mashed her face into mine once more. This time, I let my hands wander across her back, as I could feel the pressure of her belly sinking into mine. I reached for her bra clasp and it came away fairly easily. *Weren’t they supposed to take forever to get off?*

She shrugged her shoulders out of the straps and I could feel her pendulous breasts fall heavily onto my chest. Her nipples were hard with desire and I let each hand finger and caress her peaks.

She moaned again and we began that annoyingly, but necessary pre-sex ritual all teens experience: Dry Humping…

Didn’t she know I was getting blue balls over here?!?

Jen began riding me like a horse, thrusting her pelvis painfully into mine. I grabbed onto her love handles and anchored her to me. Then she began to roll her body such that my face would be bombarded lovingly by the soft flesh of her breasts, then her beautifully swollen belly.

Taking my hands off her lovely handles, I brought one breast to my mouth and flicked at the nipple, making it harden still further, Jen letting out a silent moan as I did so.

“Mmmmm, yeah…” her voice drifted off, as she grabbed her other breast and began kneading it; her other hand running through her hair.

But I soon realized if I didn’t switch things up, I’d have not blue balls, but black balls. Hadn’t science class taught me that things dropped off if blood didn’t get to them?

“Hey Jen, your belt is digging into me a bit…” I said, gently pushing my hands into the crook of her hips, and feeling the softness push back against me.

“Take it off then,” she breathed, eager to resume kissing.

With slightly fumbling fingers, (new territory: taking off a girl’s belt – woot!) I managed to get my fingers under the clasp and loosen it. I was careful to savor the moment by inserting my fingers into the tight space between her soft flesh and her too-tight jeans. I remember my fingertips definitely touched the tops of her underwear.

Once loose, I slowly slid her belt out of its loops and put it onto the floor. Jen let out a slight sigh and sat up again. We gazed into each other’s eyes for what felt like hours, all the while my hands caressing her beautiful round belly.

Her hands found mine and we both looked down as she gave it a shake, making it giggle.

“I’ve gained 15 pounds since I started there, you must think me a pig.” She said a sudden change in her voice.

“I don’t—you know I don’t think that about you. And besides, I think you look even prettier with a little extra weight.”

“Yeah, well most guys don’t.”

“I’m not most guys.”

She smiled a watery smile and I smiled back and brushed a tear from the corner of her eye.

Just then, her stomach gave out a loud G-U-R-G-L-E-! and she laughed,
“Haha, I guess I’m not done.”

“Doesn’t sound like it,” I said giving it a poke and a prod.

“Umm, can I ask you something.” She said, her voice losing a bit of the playful lilt I had come to know.


“Okay…I hope you don’t think I’m weird about this but—I’ve never been with a boy who has enjoyed my like the way you do.”

“Thanks.” I said, reaching out and holding her hands.

Then she let out a sort of laugh and sigh and brought a hand to her face and rested it on her cheek, “I can’t believe I am about to tell you this. But I like food a lot, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“I had noticed, very much noticed.”

“Okay…here goes: I enjoy the way I feel; the way my body feels when I eat like this.” Her eyes were serious, searching.

“Okay.” I said, waiting for her to finish.

“…And when I feel full, I like to look at my body in the mirror, to see how much bigger my body gets.”

My erection, which I hadn’t been aware of since our discussion had begun, made its presence known again, “I like looking at your body, and belly.”

She smiled and did a little hop on my lap, pushing her sex closer to mine.
Then Jen looked over at the remaining pizza, nearly a full pie. I looked over too. And then it seemed to fall into place for me.

“Would you like me to feed you a piece?”

Her face went red and she looked away, then back at me.

“Ugh! I’m weird. You don’t have to.”

And she jumped up off me and took a few steps away, her back to me.

“Jen…” I said, getting up myself and slowly coming over to her.

“No! It’s okay. You don’t like it.”

I put a hand on her shoulder and she slowly turned her head to me, looking up with tears welling up in her eyes.

“Hey now. It’s alright.”

And we hugged and stood there for a few minutes, her gradually relaxing and becoming less tense. Me, staring around feeling like a medical catastrophe, wondering why I still had this god damn erection.

“You’re sweet.” She said, wiping away a few tears.

I took her by the hand and lead her to the couch and we sat down. I took a slice out of the box and handed it to her and took one for myself and took a big bite and followed up with a sip of coke. Coke…

She did the same and we watched what was close to the end of the movie. A mangled Terminator doing all he can to defeat the T-1000.

I put a hand on her belly and said, “Hey, I haven’t done anything like this before. But I will feed you a slice if you still want.”

She smiled, looking once again like the prettiest woman I’d ever seen. Then she leant forward to kiss me.


“How do you want me?” I said the innuendo lost to both of us, looking back on it now.

She leaned back against one of the arms of the couch and put a pillow under the small of her back. I watched her belly giggle and shake as she got comfortable.

I pulled the edge of the foot rest closer to us and sat down on the corner, so that I was above her.

To tell the truth, it felt pretty awkward at first. I mean, you’re just feeding another person, right? But then I began to feel aroused as she closed her eyes after every bite as if savoring the last thing she might ever eat.

Her hands began to rub her belly, probably to help her digest I thought as she finished the first slice. I reached over to the box and folded two over and she opened her mouth expectantly like a bird waits for its mother.

I watched her belly and breasts rise and fall as she took breaths between bites. Sometime a hand would travel to one of her breasts to cup and hold it, her nipples constantly at full attention; but she always had one hand massaging her belly. Slow circular movements: top of the belly, to one side, the other, to the underside. Sometimes a fingertip or two would disappear underneath the waist of her jeans then return again.

She was eating much more slowly now but nonetheless still urging herself onward. I leant forward to kiss her belly and rub it with my other hand and felt one of hers come up and take the pizza from me.

Taking the cue, I knelt down and began my belly play again. Kissing around her belly button, occasionally licking and sucking; hands making slow determined circles on her warm belly.

I slowly worked my way down her belly, inch by inch to her waist. It seemed to take hours to me, to work up the courage to take the next logical step.

At first, a hand would come down to bring me back up, but after two tries what I now know as ‘woman’s resolve’ was broken and she permitted me to travel towards her sex.

I inserted a finger between her belly and the edge of her jeans, but it took some effort. I said so.

“Jen, I think these pants are getting tight on you.”

“Well they didn’t shrink in the drawer,” she said playfully.

I took the initiative and worked the button until it came free. Her belly pushed forward, far more than I thought was possible which caused the zip on her jeans to come down slightly and reveal black lacy underwear.

I was now aware of my own breathing. I felt like everything went dark and it was just me and her sex.

With slightly trembling fingers, I tugged at the ends of her jeans and brought them down so that the zip would come down with them. Jen did not protest.

I brought my face close to her belly button again and slowly kissed a trail to the top of her underwear, faintly catching a scent of something that I had not smelled before, but knew instinctively that I liked.

A hand had come to rest on my head, its fingers snaking their way through my scalp and pulling slightly.

I looked up, half dazed into Jen’s face. But it was calm, serene and wonton.

Everything about her face said “its okay, you’ve earned your reward. Now take it.”

While still kissing the fleshy warmth that was just above the tops of her underwear, I reached up and tugged at the waistband of her jeans, urging them to come off easily.

I guess Jen’s ass was indeed bigger than I thought, as I had difficulty getting them to bypass the region. Jen lifted herself up and her hands found mine and then I was free and clear to pull them the rest of the way off and they rested in a pile on the floor.

I gazed slowly up her form, taking in her feet whose nails were polished and painted; to her ankles and then her knees. Girls have cute kneecaps I told myself as I gazed still further to her thighs, then her inner thighs, which touched slightly nearer the tops from her added poundage.

I could see the faint outline of her sex; a vertical line indentation was visible through her underwear, which also bore a wet patch.

So this was it. That’s the pussy.

I made to pull the panties down next, when Jen spoke softly.

“No, not yet.”
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