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She pulled me up to her face and we kissed once more, but this time with the passion we had first started with. Tongues darting deftly between us and me finally getting the hang of it.

She pushed her body off the couch and we slid the floor, me carefully nudging the heavy foot stool away from us. The carpet was soft and cool under us as we lay side-laying, our mouths glued together.

We continued caressing each other, but I could feel her hand travel from my shoulder to my chest, down to my belly and linger there for a moment. Then I felt her lips pull away from mine with what I can only imagine was a smile (my eyes were closed) and her hand reached for the button of my jeans.

Oh, yes! This is it!’ I screamed inside my head, willing her to go on.

Clumsily, as one-handed button undoing often is, I guided her by holding the edge of my jeans so that she didn’t really know she was being helped.

Once free, she reached her hand down and I was suddenly aware of her touch against the hair of my lower body.

I shuddered for a second and her hand hesitated, sensing my body stiffen slightly. But the hand was patient and when I felt my body relax, she too continued on, questing for my member.

She grabbed me and slowly wrapped her fingers firmly and began to slide me up and down, back and forth.

I felt myself spasm as charges of electricity surged throughout my entire body.

“You’re very hard.” Jen whispered.

“He must like you.” I said, blurting out the first thing I could think of.

I opened my eyes and she was looking at me, smiling and content, her hand still control me. Her face was shadowed in the black of the ending credits of the film, the entire room looking darker and somehow more suited for our purposes.

I pulled my pants and boxers down so that I was free to bend and flex my legs, offering more of myself to her.

She pulled herself to me, so that I could feel her warm belly and breasts against my chest; her sex next to mine as we continued our intimacy.

Nervously, I reached my free hand around to place on her ass. I patted it a few times, letting it rest there and began busying myself with the tops of her underwear. I let my fingers pass underneath the soft clothy material grabbing a big handful of her bum and squeezing it.

Jen squirmed and brought herself closer to me, I could feel her face grinning again.

I let my hand wander to the side of her ass, nearer to her hip. I let it rest there, still grabbing and reaching for her softness. Then I began making my way towards her sex.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, turning her hips sideways to permit me access.

I felt the hair underneath my fingertips as I made my way down towards her, myself getting more and more turned on.

I inserted two fingers into her glistening region and we continued masturbating each other. Jen’s breath came shallow and faster as I began to find my rhythm.

“Oh!” she cried and her body shuddered, as I felt her sex clamp around my fingers and release rhythmically several times.

She rolled me over and pinned me to the floor, straddling my so that my member was mashed against her wet sex, separated by a mere sheet of cloth.

“Have you had sex before?” she breathed, her bedroom eyes boring into mine.

“No. Never.”

She smiled and kissed me on the lips, “Hold on, I’ll be right back.”

She got up off me and darted up the stairs and returned several minutes later with several square shaped packages in one hand.

“These are condoms, pick one.” She said kneeling down beside me, her hand outstretched.

She was still wearing her underwear, but in the glow of the television, I could make out her curves, bulges and crevices; her belly fat pushing forward making a cute “u-bend” so her underwear could accommodate her bulk.

“Why do you have so many?” I asked.

Did she sleep around a lot? It had never come up before even to ask some of her other friends...

“Catholic school. They hand these out to all the girls during sex-ed and whenever we go to the nurses’ office for whatever.”

“Oh, gotcha.” I said grabbing one at random and tearing off the edge.

Once sheathed, Jen grabbed a blanket and laid it down in the center of the basement floor, the soft glow once again capturing all her best assets in the lighting.

“Won’t your parents be home soon?” I said, perhaps a little more nervously than I would have liked.

“They always call, and tonight was going to be a longer one dad said.”

I walked over to her, very aware of my member bouncing from side to side and sat down beside her.

“Let me be on top.” She said as she laid me down on the floor, cradling my head.

I did as I was told and she stood up over top of me, straddling my body. Seductively, she hooked her thumbs underneath the edges of her underwear and slowly pulled them down about her ankles, her body curved forward and hair falling in curtains across my body so that it tickled me.

She stepped out of her last remaining scrap of clothing and lay on top of me, resting on my chest.

“I do like you. Like, a lot.” She said using that one last vestige of female resolve.

“Me too I said.” As our mouths met again.

She inched her body down and guided herself sex onto mine. I can remember the heat and being very aware of the pulsing of my member as she began rocking her hips back and forth against my body.

She put her full body weight on me now as she grabbed at her throat, hair splayed across her face and playing with one breast as I put my hands on her soft belly and kneaded her.

Words can hardly describe her stunning beauty as her body bent and swayed, folds of fat creasing and uncreasing, bulging and shrinking, giggling and bouncing.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she moaned.

I could feel her rising and lowering herself onto me, her breath coming faster and shallower now. Each bounce sent a ripple through her body and I was mesmerized by what her body was showing me.

Frequently her sex contract against mine as if trying to anchor itself to me for eternity. She began riding me harder and faster, gyrating her hips and bucking with more vigor. ‘She must be close’ I thought and hoped that I would manage to outlast her, my resistance rapidly crumbling.

“Ooooh, mmmmm.”

She came and shuddered, and my body reacted similarly as I could feel myself approaching my climax. Jen continued riding me, long and slow now, as she was coming down from her own ecstasy as I released my seed with forceful contractions.

We lay there for a minute or two, just gazing into each other’s eyes, examining the other’s glistening, sweating physique.

Jen lifted herself off of me and my member rested against my leg, satisfied.

She walked over to grab a blanket for us to cuddle under all the while my eyes watching her every inch giggle and wobble.

Nothing needed to be said for several minutes and we embraced just each other.


The next day, I had an email in my inbox from Jen. I made sure my parents weren’t around when I read it.

It ran in this way,


I had an amazing time last night. Really. You were wonderful and I hope you
don’t think I’m a loser weirdo

Are you free next weekend? I could get used to watching movies with you.”

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