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I think it is the sign of a girl that is truly to a sexy size. And you don't have to be huge to have fat arms it is just so womanly.

The other day I was at a crowded area at the mall and found myself walking behind a fat dude and his fatter gf, probably mid-20s. That's another thing, it seems like I'm seeing more younger SSBBWs, or maybe I'm just paying more attention.

She had great ass had to spread her legs pretty far apart to walk because of huge thighs. Her t-shirt had sleeves just short enough that I could see the fat hanging over her elbows a small bit. This was awesome!

I winked at the guy when I passed by, I think he knew I was a fellow FA.

She has pretty much everything but Caitidee's arms top it all off. Her site is worth it because of her huge arms that seem to get bigger and bigger. I know this isn't the paysite board, just wanted to bring up an example of great arms.
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