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Probably right after puberty hit. I was a thick, but still relatively slender (in comparison to my present self) as a young teen (maybe 190-200lbs), but I started getting to around my present weight (300) at age 14. Weight goes up (and up), weight goes down. I still have shirts from middle school that I wear around the house.

I noticed it because everyone else did, lol. It's hard to hide being fat around teenagers. Even though I was always "the fat one," being "super fat" (to a 14-year-old's mind, at least) becomes a glaring weakness. Of course, being super-fat and wearing miniskirts and vintage clothing to school made the taunting even worse.

In my early 20s, I finally started getting bigger boobs, which caused me to gain more weight, and that made me worried at first, but my pants still fit well. I finally lost 50 or 60lbs over the past year and I'm down to the weight I was throughout high school, except the pants don't fit anymore. Apparently the re-composition of my body fat actually affected something. I think I lost 60lbs of belly fat.

The upside? I wear *much* smaller pants now (meaning that I can save some money buying new ones--trying to hunt down 28Ws on clearance was a pain). The downside? No one notices the absence or gain of anything in my waist, so no vain "oh! you lost SO much weight!" comments from the Shallow Hals in my world.

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