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Originally Posted by ssbbwuk View Post
I am finding that the only women that fancy large women, are other large women. Unfortunately i am not attracted BBW. Well what i would class at BBW (UK size 18 and over).

No, this is not a self-hate thing, just a taste thing. However, i can't find ANY regular sized women that fancy a proper BBW. There are sites all over the internet for guys who do, but not women.

This is driving me crazy!!
Im not exactly small im 5ft 9 and 14 stone . Im a big fan of women who are larger than me. I find it pretty difficult to chat to larger women though . I like to dress goth in short skirts , corset tops and high boots and that doesnt make me emo! Im a happy go lucky kinda girl . I try to get out and meet other girls but my family are very protective over me
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