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Yrmangledheart: As Tad said, you are not alone. I have had very similar feelings my entire life and have struggled with them continually. What I have found now works for me is that back in the mid-80s, after numerous diets, I decided I was not going to diet anymore, beat myself up for gaining weight back (when deep inside I wanted to be fat), and enjoy my life and all the wonderful food the world has to offer. I too adore eating and love the feeling of fullness. I am much happier now eating whatever I want, whenever I want and letting nature take its course. I have slowly and steadily gained 130 lbs. over 15 years and now have leveled off around 300 lbs. at 5'11.

I don't intentionally overeat to gain, but just enjoy normal amounts of food and sometimes really enjoy over endulging and being really full. I work out regularly to maintain my health and build strength so that I can comfortably carry the extra weight as I age. I find that I no longer obsess about being fatter or that I should be thinner but just enjoy the natural process of gaining weight and being happy with the fact that I am now a "fat guy". My goal is to be healthy, strong and fat! It fits my psyche in that I too love BBW's and SSBBW's and just love all things fat. And I truly love to eat. So in a nutshell, rather than having to commit to a "healthy life" or a "gaining life", just "be you" and enjoy what comes. Hope this perspective helps.
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