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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
'Serving size' is a lie! Wife and I used to get prepared meals that said they were for four, and polish them off ourselves. Likewise recipes.....I suppose if you are serving it as part of an extended meal, with appetizers, soup, salad and rolls on the side, and dessert, the serving sizes would line up more, but who does that these days?
I confess I don't know if I eat big or "normal" portions anymore. I eat until I'm not hungry. I don't see anything wrong with that. Can you imagine having lunch and still be hungry? I see what slim women on the internet eat just out of curiosity and the portions are small, yet they seem satisfied with it.

I take my thyroid hormones, but I gain weight even eating a healthy/whole foods vegetarian diet, which I actually prefer to eat for my well being. Eating meat often gives me gout pain. But I can't do that because I want to remain where I am (or even 2 sizes smaller because it's easier to shop), with the same fitness level or even better. In a nutshell, I'm quite torn about my nutricional choices...
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