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Default conflicted about how much weight

I go back and forth between 200 and 210 usually. I am 5' 10; so obese is a bit over 210. I have been at 215 before for a short while when I intentionally gained. I can gain about 1.5 to 2 lbs a week if I try hard, but that is a bit much. I just cant find a way to continue to gain in small amounts continuously. I am 200 now and want to be fatter. There is something about a belly that hangs over the belt and jiggles when you walk quickly. At 215 I was closer to a fantasy in which I am clearly obese and I have trouble hiding my belly. There is just something sexy about being a fat guy.
I like fat women too, but that isn't enough sometimes. How do I get over my weight limit and have the body I want?
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