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I have pretty much every symptom of PCOS and yet two doctors from two different places both told me that my symptoms are "fine, it's not really PCOS". Really? Even though I have multiple ovarian cysts, hormonal problems, I weight 300+ lbs. and my entire body is covered in thick black hairs where it shouldn't grow? I intensely dislike doctors for being so useless to me, they always fail me. I've gone to doctors before and they just seem to dismiss me. Anyway, I do have symptoms of PCOS, I have multiple small ovarian cysts, I have hormonal problems, since I could remember all my life since puberty I started having these problems. The worst that affects me is the hair, I'm a sasquatch lol, I have double the hair as my boyfriend. It's extremely embarrassing, I have no self esteem whatsoever and I feel like I'm not even a female, like I'm some kind of monster instead. I don't know how anyone could possibly find me attractive with all the hair I have and all the fat.

The hairs on my body are black and thick, every pore on my legs and abdomen and chest has 3 hairs instead of one so I have extra thick black hair on my legs and all over my abdomen and everywhere that it shouldn't be growing. Every year I see more and more hairs appearing on my body, mostly my chest and abdomen is the most I notice. Just a couple years ago I only had a couple hairs on my chest, then more and more. I'm afraid it will get worse and worse the more time goes by like an epidemic on my body. The last time I shaved (above my right foot, repeat with left foot, right leg, repeat with left leg, back of right leg, repeat with back of left leg, right thigh, repeat with left thigh, abdomen, chest, a few couple hairs on my boobs, upper lip, chin, right armpit, repeat with left armpit, even my female parts down there seem to be more hairy than what normal girl's genital area should be). I spent about 4 hours, maybe more total. A couple days later, my boyfriend had a little stubble on his face and when I asked him to shave (since it was pricking me) he didn't bother, his excuse was that "it would take too long" which made me think,"REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I SPENT 4+ HOURS SHAVING AND YOU WON'T EVEN SHAVE YOUR 5 O'CLOCK SHADOW EVEN THOUGH IT'LL PROBABLY TAKE LIKE 5 MINUTES?".

Anyway, I understand the pain and frustration. I never shave, only unless I see my boyfriend but even then, by the next day I have hair and every day I'm with my boyfriend I have to shave my entire body again every single day. In the future I'll be living with him and I'm sure I will want to be hairless every day, I hate being hairy, period. I like feeling smooth but it only lasts so little. I hate shaving, it's such a chore, I literally spend hours doing it only to see hair grow back the next day. Even though I shaved and shaved, my boyfriend still ended up feeling the stubble on my legs the next day but at least he didn't mind. But it's not so much about him, but for me, I just hate having hair all over. Sometimes I've caught myself taking a photo of myself wearing a nice top and then I would have to delete the photo because I could see some of my chest hairs or upper lip hair. Argh.

Anyway, not sure what advice to give. Don't reject guys. There are guys who will understand. I told my boyfriend up front that I have hormonal problems and that I'm hairy like a beast and he understood. I don't think he understands the severity of how badly it affects me though emotionally, how badly it affects my self esteem, feeling like I'm not even a female, being completely incapable of feeling pretty or sexy. It really affects me.
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