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Default Any other gay men on here?

Hey Dimensions GLBTQ folks,

Just want to know if there are any gay men on here. There's a thread for locating all the lesbians, so let's locate all the gay guys!

I also have a couple questions for you guys.

1. Are you a fat guy or a gay FA?
2. What do you enjoy about fatness?
3. (And just for fun What are your favorite foods?

I'll start it off:

I'm a (kinda) fat guy who wants to be fatter. I love the general feeling of being fat, the jiggle when I walk, my belly starting to hang over my pants, the softness everywhere... I love my fat. My favorite foods are anything deep-fried, Edwards creme pies, chip & cheese nachos, and you can't go wrong with a big juicy steak. I also LOVE the Snickers ice cream bars!

Hope to get to know some fellow gays on here!

- BC aka fatsoundguy52
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