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I don't have the answers, but all I can say is I can relate. I guess confusion and internal conflict is the only natural reaction when you're possessed of a primal impulse that is alien to and directly contradicts societal norms.
I've been attracted to large women and possessed by weight gain fantasies since beginning high school; (I'm now in my early 30's.) Over time, my sexual fantasies have grown more varied and elaborate--but they all revolve around sadism, masochism, fatness, and fattening. I've actively gained, but am too self-conscious to have let myself become truly overweight. I'm always amazed at people who genuinely just don't seem to give a damn what others might think about them; I wish I could be more like that (to a point).

All I can say is, if you should happen upon any genuine insight or wisdom along your trajectory in life, feel free to share it.
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