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GordoNegro can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesGordoNegro can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesGordoNegro can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Find yourself or surround yourself with bbw/ssbbw foodies... those who enjoy food. Some of them may hit the gym to burn it off the next day while some say they will work it off only to make an excuse not to later on. I do not blame you for being hesitant to gain as there are too many ssbhms here and elsewhere complaining, alone and desperate.
There is someone for everyone which is true, though I will say the opposites attract or size difference thing seems to be more popular than I thought before I ballooned. Some ssbbw may have the mentality if if 2 people have 3 inches of belly then there is ZERO LOVE THANG, regardless of Kama Sutra and different positions available etc. Some ssbbw don't feel its a challenge to bed a bhm/ssbhm as opposed to the GQ/Men's Health types their thinner counterparts can get. However, I've been blessed to have been with ssbbws/ussbbw who like and preferred bhm/ssbhm/usbhm, but I've also been with ussbbw/ssbbws who told me not to get fat either.
There are Kate Moss types who love the size difference and will walk slow with you around town, having you on display but; if you only desire a country fed type of woman, try to find her first before ballooning too quickly.
In the meantime, I would...
Hit the bbw clubs if nearby (online personal ads etc); look for a comfortable car unless you're fine with taxis/cabs/buses, save $ as clothes, folding chairs, scales, additional life/health insurance coverage etc. and look for a dependable doctor who will examine your lungs for fluid, rather than 1 who would assume that you struggle breathing because you are too fat etc.
Just had to be real and speak of luck whatever you choose to do.
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