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Originally Posted by fiddypence View Post
This desire to eat and get fat is very natural. I'm surprised that more people don't feel this way in our society.

Here's what I would suggest. Commit to being healthy and getting fatter.

Maybe, you can allow yourself to eat as much of certain types (healthy types) of foods as you like. Maybe if you are living a healthier lifestyle that will alleviate some of the guilt that you feel.
I agree. If health is a worry there is no reason you can't gain and be healthy too. And I also agree that it doesn't go away. I've wanted to get fat since I was a kid and used to lurk on sites on the internet looking at figures I wish I had and was loved for. And then I'd try dismiss it but it would creep back again and again. Face it head on and don't feel ashamed or disgusted. Talk to people who will encourage you and celebrate your gain. It makes all the difference. Good luck
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