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Originally Posted by cakeboy View Post
For the third and final time, I only take personal offense to people who argue against WLS and - wait for it - know *nothing* about it. I simply cannot make it any clearer.
Fair enough. Your initial phrasing was very confrontational, which made it hard for most people to understand the specific aim of your complaint -- not that people are against WLS, but that so many have the mistaken idea that the only reason anyone undergoes such surgery is "because I want to look better".

For my part, I'm against WLS on any grounds other than the ones you cited; namely, immediate medical requirement to lose weight that cannot be safely lost by other means. WLS in general requires short-circuiting your digestive system, removing a portion of your ability to absorb not only Calories but also vitamins and minerals. It's nothing less than ripping up your digestive tract and trying to stop short of ruining it, while trying to prevent infection in a muscle-lined bag of acid and a long tube connected to your bowels and filled with bacteria.

My own sister has had a roux-en-y version of WLS, and wound up with multiple ulcers in the remaining portion of her stomach. (Multiple ulcers in an eight-ounce volume of stomach... yeah, not a good thing.) I wound up having to drive her to the hospital at one point because her digestive system was so badly deranged that she wasn't bringing in enough Calories to remain active through the day... and this, roux-en-y, is the intermediate version of the surgery, not the most drastic.

Do I wish she'd found another way? Well, yes. I didn't appreciate her almost dying after the surgery, nor almost starving to death because she somehow wound up with a stomach composed of almost nothing but ulcers. I didn't like the known results of WLS before she had it, and for these very reasons.

BUT: It was her choice, and her weight loss was medically necessary. As much as I wish she had found another way, this was her choice, and her body; I have only so much say in what she does.

Tankyguy: For my part, I don't blame my lack of success with women on my not finding an FFA. I blame my being broke, having no transportation, living in my sister's back room and not living near anything I actually enjoy going to. Well, that and an unfortunate tendency to freeze when a woman surprises me by actually talking to me. (I still kick myself for "going up" when a woman riding in the hospital elevator with me actually recognized the book I was carrying as a role-playing game... (sigh))

Do I think I could find love? Well, yes. Give me a receptive audience and I'll talk your ears off. Put me in a social context without loud music drowning me out and I'm almost vivacious. Let me go clothes shopping with a decent budget and I "clean up good". But right now, in this circumstance? I'd be doing well to get a one-night stand, and any sane woman knows it. (Though they usually just claim they're engaged and left their ring at home, apparently believing that such stories are kinder and/or more believable than "I'm sorry, I'm not interested".)
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