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Originally Posted by sophie lou View Post
I met up with someone i had been sort of seeing online about two months ago. I think the best way to describe it is that we had been chat lovers for about two years. We finally met up and all seemed good. We met up a second time and still everything seemed good. Now all of a sudden everything changed, he turned all funny and uninterested with me. After a week or so of talking he has finally said that the main reason is that he didn't have the same feelings for me face to face as he did online. He came out with all sorts of stuff about not really knowing your true feelings for someone until you are actually face to face with them. Part of me can see what he is saying and another part of me thinks it's rubbish. It seems like as a long distance relationship, well a few hundred miles apart we seemed to be great but in real life it was completely different for him. I have moved on since then and i have two amazing friends who are there for me i was just wondering if anyone else has been through something similar
We all have a couple stories like this one. Frankly it sounds like he was making excuses for simply being turned off by bigger women. He might've known about your weight and not realized just how turned he was or didn't know and was still turned off. Either way is a piss poor excuse.
Last year I briefly dated a women who was around 20ibs heavier than what she looked like in her pics, not that it stopped me. 1 month later she went back to her lazy, selfish in-communicating(her original words on the guy) ex and dumped him a week after that.

And while I haven't seen anyone since, like you and everyone other single on here, I was better off. The funny thing was I found out she was thinking of giving him another go from the day we met which has always seemed odd to me.
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