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Has anyone said anything yet?
Only people very close to me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends have commented but I am lucky enough to exist in a pretty open-minded progressive circle of people. My girlfriend thinks its cute and my roommates just mentioned it because I gave them some shirts that didnt fit and they said they'd noticed I'd been looking bigger.

Saorise, I am aware of many of the negative experiences of fat people, both surrounding me and in this community, I'm not blinkered or ignorant. Having said that I've been made fun of for being fat at school, in clubs, in arguments with customers. Whilst I am aware that the issues facing people who are 30lbs bigger than they are expected to be differ greatly from those who are 300lbs bigger than they are expected to be I am no stranger to fat phobia and having immersed myself in the community I am aware of the experiences of others which could become my own. I make no claim to having fully decided to gain great amounts of weight and have stated I'm still conflicted. If I were to gain purposefully it'd be a measured considered decision done with sensitivity to some of the negative experiences of those who have done so before me.

And having said all that, I recently weighed myself and found little difference, ho hum. I imagine the sizing up without gaining much is down to loss of muscle/addition of fat at the same time and redistribution of weight, I feel like everything has moved to my waist and my body looks different but only weighs a few pounds more. Who knows, still confused but life is rolling on, we'll see.
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