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I kinda dropped off the map from last year when I was about to post in this thread but it's worth mentioning I have Asperger's and I recall a time when Aspies got railroaded off the internet's forums if one dared to mention you had this condition people assumed did not exist, but this place seems safe enough so yeah.

I know some autistic spectrum types hate tactile stuff and cuddling but I've always liked tactile cuddly stuff but so far have had no opportunity to explore my sense of FA self other than the fact that my attraction to plump women I can cuddle into like awesome lady teddy bears (I apologise if this seems weird or sexist, I just love cuddly plump women who love being cuddled since most of my life I've not been in a family of huggers apart from my mother).

I get worried I won't ever find the right person especially in Australia where the dating pool is a bit weird due to a smaller population. I just wouldn't know where to meet a nice BBW who'd let me snuggle up to her and smooch her. My friends drag me out to night clubs sometimes but I have a very strong reaction to loud club music that makes me want to flee the vicinity like I'm Malcolm McDowell fleeing Beethoven's 9th, only in this case the music isn't that good so I'm okay with not liking it.

I'm very, very new to grappling with my FA status since I'm very inexperienced with dating women at all, haven't had a girlfriend yet and both times I asked out a BBW girl in high school out on a date I was both rejected by them and laughed at by my classmates. I can't really say I'm bitter about women because in order to be bitter about women you have to go through a number of break ups like my twin brother did, he's in a relationship now but the way he depicts commitment in the way he talks about his relationships I get the feeling that my twin brother is giving me horrible advice about how life works based on his horrendously corrupting college experience in Queensland, whereas I ended up studying close to home with my parents in Sydney. I'm just green enough to be full of innocence and wonder about romance but also beaten down enough times to be terrified of trying to ask anyone out, BBW or not.
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