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Part Three - The Consummation

A couple of weeks and a few dates later Steve invited me to go to a wedding. One of his teammates was tying the knot a few hours drive away at an old mansion turned historical museum. Given the distance, we decided to make a weekend of it. We had done a lot of interesting things but had not yet consummated the relationship. Sharing the same bed for a weekend sounded promising.

A couple of days before we left, I asked Steve about his college friends, and it came up that his ex-girlfriend Beth would most likely be there with a friend named Dave whom she latched onto after their relationship's demise. I was a little anxious about this. I really wanted to look good for him. She was so mean to him over such shallow matters. I didn't want to drag myself to her superficial level but I cannot deny I wanted to outshine her. If that made me a terrible person, well then so be it.

I pulled a dress out of my closet that I had spent too much money on when I was living in San Francisco. A slinky navy blue lycra blend number with a backless halter that showed off my summer color. I bought it a little large so it skimmed loosely along my figure in flattering places. I did my hair up with wispy blonde tendrils and shelled out for a French manicure at the hotel spa. When I came out of the bedroom in our hotel suite, Steve's eyes practically popped out of his head. I wanted to make him happy in every way.

He looked wonderful too. We had gone shopping together for a new suit for him and had it specially tailored to fit him perfectly. He got a fresh, cool haircut and with his eyes and smile he looked to me like a million-dollar movie star. I was thrilled to be his date. As we walked into the reception I took a long look at Steve; top to bottom. I felt so happy to be with such an amazing, intelligent, funny, warm and good-looking man.

Right away he saw some of his old teammates and introduced me to them. They were a genuinely fun group of guys and Steve seemed to blend right back into the easy flow of jokes and camaraderie he must have experienced in college. It was fun to see him with "the guys," just being his usual silly self. Even when one of his buddies mentioned that Dave was already there with Beth, he didn't seem to flinch a bit. A minute later one of the guys yelled crassly across the room, "Hey Dave!" The couple walked over toward us and my eyes met Beth's.

So she was the one, the evil trollop who wounded my sweet wonderful boy. In assessing her physical appearance, I tried hard not to be biased. But she wasn't very special. Honestly, she was not ugly, by any means. She simply looked like someone who might have had better years at a younger age; sort of a victim of a time warp with funky bangs and big shoulder pads. Even Steve must have been feeling vindicated when he subtly whispered in my ear, "can you say 'downhill?'"

Steve introduced me to Dave and Beth. Dave seemed like a nice and genuine person. However, Beth was a little less gracious. "So you're Steve's new thing, huh?" Her sarcasm and insincerity were just a bit too obvious.

Thing. I bit my tongue, holding back my sharpest eye darts. Everyone was looking at me for my response. "Ah…yeah, I guess you could call it a thing," I laughed looking at Steve, trying to keep the situation light for everyone.

We were called to dinner and thankfully the happy couple had the foresight not to place Steve at the same table as Beth. The group at our table was rather boisterous but really fun. The food was wonderful and as was usual, Steve ate everything on his plate, plus much of mine. In fact, all of the men seemed to be eating their girlfriends' and wives' meals. Of course I did not mind watching the, "honey are you going to eat that?" ritual. But Steve never had to ask. I always volunteer my unfinished meal to a good appetite.

After dinner I went to the ladies room to freshen up. As I was applying lipstick, Beth walked in and tried to force a little 'casual' conversation with me. "So, are you and Steve very serious?"

"Well," I smiled, remaining coy.

"You know, we dated all through college," she interrupted.

I played dumb, with an emotionless "Oh." I didn't want to get into it with her.

"Yeah, at one point we were almost engaged," she sounded almost triumphant. I just nodded. I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of any reaction from me whatsoever. I could see right through her.

Predictably, she kept trying to get under my skin. "I just can't believe how fat he's gotten again." I almost lost my temper and countered her nastiness with my own, but I smiled through my clenched teeth.

"Yeah…" I sighed dreamily, "he's such a stunning guy and so fantastic on the inside too. I feel really lucky to have him." Beth seemed a little speechless over my implied desire for his increased size. Just then I heard a slow song. "Oh, I made Steve promise he would slow dance with me tonight so I better get out there. See you later!" I hurried out.

I got him out on the floor for that slow dance. And another. I loved trying to get my arms around his large middle. We did a little stargazing into each other's eyes and shared a couple of quick kisses. I was never into obnoxious displays of public affection but I guess I just got a little lost in his body. I realized as we were leaving the dance floor a number of people looking at us. And I did catch Beth watching us too. I really hoped she regretted the way she treated Steve and felt ashamed for it.

At one point I went to the bar to get Steve a beer. One of his other teammates, Mark, who was quite a big guy himself, started up a little conversation there. "You know, I haven't seen Steve this happy in a while. I think you guys make a good couple."

"Well, thank you, that's so nice to hear, Mark. He's good for me too," I blushingly admitted.

"Beth was harsh on him," he grimaced. It appeared that a few drinks had loosened up his desire to spill the dirt. "She would make comments about his weight problem in front of everyone just to humiliate him. He put up with her crap way too long."

"Funny, I don't think he has a problem. In fact," I joked, "I'm still trying to figure out if he has any faults at all!"

Mark laughed, "You're a cool chick Ashley."

After a few more laughs back at our table, things started to wind down a bit and I felt like I had already waited long enough for what I wanted. I caught Steve's eye and gave him a raised eyebrow. He gave me that same raised eyebrow right back and silently took my hand, leading me away from our table. We said our good byes and drove back to the hotel.

- - - - - - - - - -

I emerged from the bathroom in a tantalizing emerald silk lingerie set that I had bought specifically for that night. Steve was still wearing his suit but began loosening his collar and tie when he saw me. I walked up to him and planted a big smooch on his lips and whispered sweet nothings in his ear. "Steve," I murmured, "I'm so completely yours."

I took his hand and led him to sit down on the edge of the bed. He pulled me close, facing him and massaged my behind while I ran my fingers through his beautiful hair. I climbed on the bed, kneeling behind him. I removed his jacket and kneaded his shoulders with the full strength I could muster. His soft thick tan neck looked delicious and I spent some time kissing and licking the back of it.

My hands eased around him as I unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his chest and pressing my breasts against his back. My hands then extended down his tummy, tracing down the delectable roundness nearly reaching between his legs. No longer able to resist, I reached around his waist, gently pressing my nails into his soft, ample belly. He smiled and let me spend some time on his midsection.

I stood up and faced him, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and removing his under shirt. Lost in his sexy full body I pressed my face into his middle kissing every inch. "Oh Steve, I love your tummy," I whispered, my tongue tracing along his tiny, faint stretch marks that revealed his earlier indulgences. My hands roamed his crotch, fondling his growing excitement.

He grabbed me around the waist and effortlessly lifted me up on his lap for some more passionate kissing. I wrapped my legs around his love handles and kissed his neck and lips. He raised my arms, took off my camisole and hungrily eyed my breasts. His exquisite mouth warmly tongued their entirety. My desire heightened with every wet moment of his tongue on my body.

He pulled me into the bed on top of him and I worked on removing his long belt. His belly jiggled with the satisfaction of being released from it. I slowly unbuttoned his pants, unzipped and gently slid my hand inside. Those pants were still far too in the way so I pulled them down to his ankles. He kicked them off and the only thing between our naked bodies was the silk of his boxers and my delicate panties.

I kissed every part of his body from his forehead to his navel, and worked my way down from there. I ripped his boxers off and showed him my own hunger for his manhood, licking and kissing every inch. His growing excitement and near climactic moans signaled something coming so he pulled me up to him and lay me on my back. As he kissed me hard with his tongue, he slipped his thumb underneath the elastic hip string of my panties and slid them quickly down my legs. I felt so exquisitely vulnerable under the weight and power of his heavy body.

He leaned his considerable belly into mine and I could feel the contrast of his soft body and hard penis against my waist. His fingers massaged my vagina so fantastically that my legs started to tremble. I guided him fully on top of me so I could feel his full weight during the pleasure. He whispered, "I don't want to hurt you…"

"Ooh, Steve, you could never hurt me," I whispered. "I like the way you feel on top of me. I like the weight…"

I could feel the pressure build inside me and suggested he flip me over. I climbed on top of him so I could feel him inside me. He moved very well, anticipating my own rhythms with his. My thrusting accompanied his blissful moans and jiggling belly. His rolling flesh and the increasing intensity brought me to orgasm seconds before his own. A rush of ecstasy came over my entire body as he filled me with his love and covered me with his sweat.

As we embraced in a post-coital spoon, my senses were full with the feeling of his roundness against my back, the smell of his musky skin, the view of his beefy arms and hands dwarfing my own, the sound of our measured breathing and the aftertaste of his salty skin

The end
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