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Originally Posted by CastingPearls View Post
At first, after I left the weezle, it was uncomfortable, and took a lot for me to go the first couple of times, but I didn't want to stay home and.....hide. I really like the quality of good food and drink, ambiance and atmosphere. LOL The other day, I was sitting with my dad at the nursing/rehab facility and I said that before I was heading home I was going to stop for a glass of wine and maybe a slice of pizza and he said, You can pick up a frozen pizza from Shoprite just as good for the same price! I laughed and said, Yes, but I don't want to sit in the dark alone like I'm in a cave. I want to be around people, listening to them talk and laugh and enjoying myself and the change of scenery.'s easy. I enjoy it. People sometimes look at me. Sometimes people say elsewhere in other forums or threads here that when they see someone eating alone they feel sorry for them, but it's both peaceful and stimulating for me. And whether it's a couple of hot dogs at Five Guys or sashimi at Blu Wasabi, I'm out and feel alive and I'd rather be living my life, even alone, than hiding away and slowly fading away.
Good for you I do this too when I want some thing special to eat after my doctors appointment or shopping some times I get a massage then treat my self to some thing tasty for lunch ! I flirt with the waiters and have a good time !
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