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I've been trying to gain weight on and off for about 2 years now, but for some reason was never able to get over 200lbs. I've always stopped at 195 and could never find myself going over. The last time I stepped on a scale, I was about 185 and that was four months ago. Today, I got out the shower and decided to step on the scale, see what was up to. I'm 201lbs as of today. I took a look in the mirror, and saw that my butt and thighs have gotten bigger, and my stomach is hanging out a bit more. So, as of today, I am committing to this thing. After the BMI calculator told me that I am obese, I might as well live up to the title. Not only today did I realize I'm fat, but I want to be fat. I want to be a fat ass and love it. I love to eat and be with people that want to eat. Hope everyone else is making it to their gain goals. Hopefully, I can come back next year and be a little heavier
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