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Originally Posted by superodalisque View Post
as far as studies go this isn't a very old one. in fact if a study is too new there is no chance for follow up information to be collected that can either reinforce or dispute the original conclusions. the point was that the stereotype that fat women probably weren't having sex could lead to them not receiving the clinical attention they needed for prevention and treatment. of course the study wasn't saying yahoo! fat women are sexually attractive. but the result is that it did because in order to have sexual encounters one must be. on a serious note i can say i do know a lot of men who feel that choosing a fat partner is some kind of guarantee of safety when it comes to STDs, but it is not. if we have sex we can get STDs or get pregnant just as anyone else can. therefore we need preventative measures and also thorough diagnostics and not an expectation that we aren't having sex at all and aren't at risk due to social expectations that have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

what is sad to me is there are guys here who are really in disbelief. and what is really shocking is how much they tend to convince themselves that they are the ONLY ones attracted to fat women by believing locker room talk. guys don't often tell other guys the truth about their sex life. and a lot also rely on locker room talk they heard in high school and college before most men have even had that many sexual experiences. men do not have to be fetishists to be attracted to fat women. and the idea that men are not attracted to fat women is more related to media than reality. this isn't the only study by any means that has shown that there is absolutely no relationship between size and sex, and there are also studies out there that show there is no relationship between size and marriage or long term relationships. many of them are in the journal of obesity.
The study goes back almost 6 years now and as you should know studies are NOT science. Studies are made up of cherry-picked data that “researchers” use to formulate conclusions in line with the point of view of who or what organization funded or sponsored the study. This 2008 study was a follow up to a study by the same team that claimed fat women have more unplanned pregnancies which give rise to the concept that overweight women are less likely to use proper contraception.

“Previous studies by the same team observed obese and overweight women also have a higher risk of unintended pregnancy than women of a normal weight.”

The 2008 study in question is also in direct contradiction with a French study published in 2010 that claims obese women are less likely to report having a sexual partner in the past 12 months while being more likely to report and STD or an unplanned pregnancy.

Now which study is to be believed? The truth of the matter is neither study is to be taken at face value because studies such as these are undertaken with ulterior motives in mind. They are planned and sponsored bullshit used to further a particular agenda. Are overweight women having more sex than their thinner counterparts; Yes, No, Maybe, who knows? There is simply no exact way of telling because the outcome of either study depends on the study participants telling the honest truth about their sex lives. And if there is one thing that I am certain about is that people lie like dogs about how many times they get laid.
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