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QuadSeekers can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesQuadSeekers can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Originally Posted by Yakatori View Post
no-one is really so simply & neatly defined. Just by one thing. Or incident. If even something that permeates into most aspects of their daily life.
Here is my question to you: what do you find out when you find out someone has slept with a black person?

Do you find out that they have herpes, or were in an abusive relationship, or were loved beyond measure then heartbroken or had their credit cards stolen or what?

Actually you only find out that they slept with someone of a darker hue, that's it. And that is really not much. You find out nothing about the person they slept with except the color of their skin (you don't even find out about their culture) and you find out even less about the person you asked the question to.

You find out just enough to satisfy whatever weird race obsession you have.

Either, "you're disgusting and how could you?" or "great!, will you let these five men run a train on you since you are already a whore" or "fantastic! since you are down with black dick, I'm sure you'll agree to fuck one while I watch from the closet" Either reaction is icky..just ew.

What do you think about the question, asked from one man to another? "Have you ever fucked a fat chick?"
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