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AppreSheAte can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesAppreSheAte can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default today!

I've been gaining and know that I would qualify as being called fat for a few months or so, but over this weekend, I stopped having a relationship with someone and it seemed to turn my attention to food almost exclusively for nearly 72 hours straight. I'm looking huge!

It's exciting, although I'm not sure what to do for clothes that will fit today. Definitely need to go shopping; biggest pants I have, have to be pulled across more than 7" of belly, and so I feel like I will burst out of them once I do get them closed. Sweats are way too little to get past my belly too, so they're not a solution today.

My appetite is really out of control... but I just love feeling stuffed.

My scale, so I learn today, only goes to 330, and I'm apparently heavier than that. A couple of weeks ago I had hit 300, so I've really packed on some pounds fast. It's hard to measure my belly with my tape measure since it only goes to 60", but I would guess I'm maybe 68" at my roundest.

I probably am a SSBHM, don't you think?

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