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I don't think that you are high maintenance. That term to me means that you have your man buy you everything and are more of a "gimmie Gimmie" type of girl and in order to be in a relationship with you, you require $$$$. That's what it means to me. I think every girl likes to look nice and it doesn't mean that is H.M.
Now about myself nope, I'm far from high maint. Give me me a gun and lets go hunting. Let's go fishing. I will buy cheap crap because it's 90% of the time the same as the expensive name brand. I don't require your wallet do be with anybody (unless we are in that sort of lifestyle/relationship because I like a bunch of different things) but in general I'm far from H.M. If a guy LIKES a high maint girl then I sure as hell can be one. I'm about mutual feelings mostly to keep us both happy!
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