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So this wasn't just me, and it was a long time ago. I had a date coming over to watch a movie, our first date at the apartment. The couch, if you can call it that, was a pretty old futon. Solid wood frame all around and it was a good 10+ years old.

My date was a beautiful, sexy lady that just so happened to wear about a size 6x in clothes. So neither of us are small as I'm 6' tall and about 200. I don't remember her weight but a lot, probably in the 400 range somewhere.

Well we get everything ready and sit on that futon. I'm sitting down first, and she kinda plops down beside me and - bam! The front bar breaks and slams down to the ground! Ha. It was so awesome and yes - a huge turn on for me and I think for her. The futon was still usable and was the only thing I had to sit on so we watched the movie with the front resting on the ground.

Later I fixed it and found the metal bolts on each side had broken, 2 per side. That was so hot!
Great , have you dated this Girl more than one time? So we can hope for more crushed furniture??
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