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Originally Posted by mediaboy View Post
When you have desires, sexual longing, a craving for physical intimacy, which sex do you nominally prefer?

When I fantasize sexually it's usually quite a bachonal of lovers of both sexes. My desire is always rooted in physical fantasy and aesthetics or some kinky scene I want to work out to try in the flesh one day.

I'm wondering what are the underpinings of desire in a saposexual? Do you just experience desire in a completely different way than say us plain old garden variety bisexuals?

Would you mind enlightening us? I find this very interesting. I get the feeling you may experience desire and love for that matter on a unique and compelling way. One that I can't quite wrap my head around. If there's another way to love people and another way to be compelled by a beauty my eyes are blind too by all means please share it!
Desire, longings, cravings....I would have to say both men and women equally, although probably more female ATM since I'm in a monogamous relationship with a hetero male. (I'm twisted, he's straight, and not interested in adding any additional "flavor" to the mix.)

I dont think I experience desire in a different way. Ultimately I'm just bi with an "intelligence" trigger. (Some people like blonds, some people like feet....I hear some men even like curves I like an active mind.)

I figured it out years ago when I did some soul searching on what triggered attraction for me. I realized intelligence was the one trait present in everyone I was attracted to or been involved with. It could even make me overlook/disregard personality quirks that later caused issues.

In fact, I have even passed on relationships with attractive individuals who were a better "fit" with my personality if there was no "meeting of the minds".....

I can notice an attractive man or woman, and even take a second glance, but intelligence is what really gets me going. I love a good debate, and I'm not talking Mensa level IQ either. It could just be one particular subject (like microbiology or English literature) or your "run of the mill" basic intelligence, as long as it manifests with a quick mind and wit I'm there.

There does have to be a physical attraction, but just like an ugly personality can color your perception and attraction to someone, not having that mental spark can do the same for me.

You know that phrase, "I was in his head and he was in mine."

I find that sexy....

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