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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
I feel like this is still kind of a not-so-great sentiment, though, because it's keeping a person's self-esteem based so heavily on how well they're able to sell their appearance. It's toxic to measure one's beauty or worth by how much money one makes, even as a model.
I won't disagree with this being a not-so-great sentiment at all; it isn't the best mindset on a personal level. It's toxic to measure self worth based on anything that you can't control directly, ESPECIALLY based on the responses (or lack there of) of anonymous internet strangers.

My not so well worded point is even some of the girls who have been doing this for years rarely get comments on things, but they're still out there doing their thing.

As a model, I receive more negative comments than I do positive ones, but it doesn't stop me from being successful in my business.
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